Are you someone who starts counting the number of days left to go for the weekend right from Tuesday, heck even Monday sometimes? Well that’s how most of us are. Sleeping in, lazing around, binge watching TV, eating out, what’s better than a lazy weekend. Well, all of that sounds great, but as much as weekends offer us an opportunity to get that extra sleep and be lazy, they also offer us a chance to meaningfully relax, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves for the next new week ahead. Here are 5 things successful weekends to recharge and prepare for the week

Look at the big picture

Weekends are an important opportunity to step back and look at the big picture. How are things going in your personal and professional life? An unhurried Saturday or Sunday is a good time to reflect and plan for your future. Are you happy with your career? Is your family life all you hoped it would be? If not, what kind of changes do you need to make?

Get into the habit of reviewing your progress on monthly or yearly goals. Have you been able to workout three times a week? If not, how can you work it in this coming week? By tracking how your goals are progressing, you can make changes as needed for the upcoming work week. These big picture habits help you succeed in all areas of your life – work and otherwise.

Catch up on calls, emails, and texts

If friends and family aren’t near, Sunday night is a good time to reach out to loved ones by phone. It’s also a good time to tackle personal emails that accumulated during the workweek so you can head back to work with a clean slate.

Plan out the week ahead

Once they’ve taken the time to assess their past week, successful people always plan out the week ahead. This means setting new goals, developing the strategies to achieve them, and even planning healthy meals and scheduling in time for exercise and self-care.

Next up, find out what four things you can do over the weekend for a healthier week.

Catch Up On Sleep

The optimal amount of sleep for energy and wellness is seven to eight hours each night, according to the study published in the medical journal Sleep, but more than 40% of adults report are getting less than that each night.

We’re not getting sufficient rest, and that affects our productivity, says Good. “Work on getting your six to eight hours on the weekend,” . “You will find yourself refreshed and ready to be productive come Monday morning. ”

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