Every employee aspires to be ‘that employee’ who is trusted with the most coveted tasks at the workplace and shares the limelight often. And while some may get an opportunity to do that but only few can ace such situations and most find themselves struggling with some issues or the other.

It’s not difficult to become a star performer. It required your innate talent, confidence and careful planning of facts and resources. Planning well and following some simple rules can help anyone become the next shining star of the company. Here are five traits that most star employees possess and which can help you also, check them –

Resolve Issues Before They Are Issues

My favorite days running companies are when I notice positive change in procedure when I was totally unaware of the need for change. Amazing employees are always looking to improve systems proactively, and they do.

What you can do: Communicate a clear written vision of where the company is going and encourage initiative so people feel safe and empowered to make change.

Tell It Like It Is

Amazing employees understand that hiding bad news helps no one. They find kind ways to bring uncomfortable information to the surface, but they DO bring it to the surface. They tell people what’s necessary before major damage is done.www.iibmindia.in

Plan well

Before you raise your hand to take on an assignment, quickly step back and take a stock of how well equipped you are to finish this task. Map your strengths and weaknesses against the task and move ahead in a planned manner. Think through the details, plan well in advance and prioritise the tasks.


As the old adage goes, time is money. CEOs want the job done, and they want it done yesterday. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about your drive to be efficient. Are you going to squeeze all the hours you can out of a single project, or will you get it done as quickly as possible? If I’m your CEO, I don’t want you to sacrifice quality. I just don’t want you to waste my time or money. Every second you’re on the clock but not producing, my company is losing. Hustle in your job duties, and I’ll be sure to recognize you as a star employee. How could I ignore that drive?


Nothing can turn off a CEO faster than dishonesty. As an employee, you’ll be entrusted with inside information and the company’s best interests. So basically, if I’m spending money on you, I want to know you’re actually going to deliver the work I’m paying for without risking my company’s reputation and overall health.

Don’t lie on your resume. Don’t lie in your interview. Don’t lie after I hire you. CEOs can’t run companies without honest, dedicated support.

What you can do: Foster an open communication environment where people are not only given permission to tell the truth, but also absolutely required.

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