1. Research

This is the first task in order to understand what the market offers to others in the same position. This will ensure you understand your own market value. You should, therefore, keep a record of the compensation provided by the competitor firms. You can do this by looking at trade magazines, job portals and salary surveys in newspapers.

  1. Prove your worth

Make your case strong and prove to your boss that you are worth the monetary investment. “Assess your performance prior to the appraisal by gathering all the facts and figures. Keep a habit of maintaining all your accomplishments and highlight the most impressive points. Make sure to point out the impact it has had to the entity as a whole. Finally, don’t forget to emphasize your enthusiasm and future plans for the company,”

  1. Invest in your career

There is no harm in brushing up your skills by attaining professional certificates to make yourself equipped with the market’s requirement. Not only will you get self satisfaction, but also build your reputation in the eyes of your employer. Employers always appreciate candidates who are focused on their career growth rather than just depending on organizational support.

  1. Change in the department

If you are working under a boss who is not supportive, you can try to switch to a department which has a liberal boss. However, this might have a downside of a change in the work profile as two different departments may rarely have similar profile and work culture.

  1. Make your boss access your work frequently

knowing your track and where you are drawing back would help you grow competently. This also makes your boss aware of the quality of work you are doing, and reminds your boss about your increment during appraisal time.www.iibmindia.in

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