If you’re looking for a job, you know how difficult it can be to catch an employer’s attention. In today’s job market, you often need to show more than just the required qualifications to get hired. But what else do recruiters look for in potential employees? Read on to find out some of the qualities that make the biggest impression on recruiters.www.iibmindia.in

Commercial awareness

This is about knowing how a business or industry works and what makes a company tick. Showing that you have an understanding of what the organisation wants to achieve through its products and services, and how it competes in its marketplace.


Leadership is the action of leading people in an organisation towards achieving goals. An influential leader plays is an asset for the organisation. He sets a vision for the organisation, motivates employees, guides employees through the work process and builds motivates.

Perseverance and motivation

Employers want people to have a bit of get-up-and-go. Working life presents many challenges and you need to show employers that you’re the kind of person who will find a way through, even when the going gets tough… and stay cheerful-ish.

Social media experience

In addition to having experience managing social media for a company, Vice President, this qualification to include the necessity that “candidates have an established online presence.” A polished and well-packaged digital voice will add to your candidacy. You want to be a part of the conversation and this is one of the easiest ways for the hiring party to screen your writing and creativity before deciding whether to meet you.

Content strategy

Candidates who can help a brand or an organization better tell their story and engage with customers online bring experience that is highly valued right now. As companies seek to be their own publishers, they need to make hires who know how to create and curate content.

There are, of course, many other areas of expertise that hiring managers are looking to identify. This is just the short list of criteria we are asked to look for most often. We would encourage you to strengthen these skills and consider how you can frame the experience you do have around these core qualifications.



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