While it’s important to prepare yourself for skill, behavioral, and talent-related interview questions through practice, hiring an interview coach, or participating in the tutorials and interviewing training program offered by Big Interview, it’s equally important to get ready for the money question that is sure to surface at some point during the interviewing process.

Answering the consequential salary expectations question the wrong way can cost you a job offer. It can also put you in an untenable situation by forcing you to consider a job at a less-than-desirable salary.  After all, in some circumstances, the only thing worse than failing to get a job offer after an interview, is failing to get an offer that’s sufficient to support you and/or your family.

What are your salary expectations?

“Before answering this question, I would like to understand this job position and the expected responsibilities better. I would also like to know what is expected from me while I work here. As I have been working in a similar position for the past few months, I can gauge what my worth is. It is obvious that a person working in this position has a bigger role to play. I certainly believe that I would be offered important tasks. Then we can settle down on a certain figure later, I hope.”

Were you satisfied with the salary you were making earlier?

To gain satisfaction is first job of every individual. And this is also true that when one grows in life She/he will like to bring quality in life and money is required at many place to enhance the quality of life and some money is always required for the future safety of Life.

What do you think you can make with this job?

“Well I read the job description and noticed that you emphasize direct team leadership in this job. In my last role I managed a fulltime team of 7 employees so I feel I’ll immediately be able to come in and start leading effectively. Do you want me to go into more detail?”www.iibmindia.in

Would you consider taking less pay than you made in your last job?

Before answering this question, or any other question in an interview, one needs to understand the purpose with which the question is being asked. Most likely this question may be asked by interviewer (other than the HR interviewer) to judge candidates ability to handle such unexpected questions and situations. HR may also even ask this question of a candidate (who they want to hire) to judge whether a candidate has rightly declared his salary. There are multiple ways to reply to this question.

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