Have you ever faced with a job hunt and asked: “Why can’t I get a job?” Sometimes it’s just bad luck, but often there is something you’re doing wrong in your job search. It’s a phrase any job hunter hates to hear, especially when the days drag on after your initial interview, and you begin to wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” Of course, most of us already know the tried-and-true etiquette for landing your dream job: Don’t forget the cover letter. Make sure your social media accounts are up-to-date.Here are 5 reasons why the recruiter is rejecting you.

No interview preparation

There is nothing more worse than not properly preparing for your interview. Checkout your mental job interview checklist. Also, make sure that you bring a few copies of your resume, references, and a notebook for jotting down notes in your interview.

Neglecting Your Body Language

Once you’ve done this for a while, you have an ability to read people by their behaviour. “Your body language, the way you speak, and the way you present themselves to show the whole picture. If they say, ‘I’m open to new ideas,’ but still you sit with your arms and legs crossed, it’s questionable for interviewer. If you say you have management skills but you don’t carry yourself like leaders, it’s hard to trust that assertion. The details make the difference.”www.iibmindia.in

Showing up late

Showing up late will almost decrease your chance to get the job. Do a practice run earlier a day or two before your interview to see how much time you need. It’s definitely help you to arrive early than to come sprinting into your interview 10 minutes late.

Your Cover Letter Stinks (or Is Missing):

Not every job posting will ask you for a cover letter, but if it does ask, and you don’t include it with your resume, you’ll lose out on the job. If it doesn’t specify, include a cover letter anyway. Make sure that your cover letter doesn’t just re-hash the information in your resume—that’s a waste of the employer’s time.

Your cover letter should focus on why you are a great fit for the position. It should take the employer’s stated needs and match them to your credentials. Remember, don’t claim that you are the best person for the position—you don’t know that and it makes you look foolish.

Being rude

The interview is when you can show off your personality how awesome you are. The employer won’t want to anyone that’s mean or grumpy. Treat everybody with kindness, whether it’s customers you run into, soon-to-be coworkers, anybody.

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