Recruitment has become very common in almost all industries, as there are new technologies or vacancies popping very often. As the competition in the market have increased considerably, every interview attended by a job seeker is very important from his/her point of career aspect or equally important to the organization as well. There are so many do’s and dont’s for all kind of interviews irrespective of the domain. Especially, when it comes to the end of the interview where the job seeker gets a chance to speak out, it is very crucial to know how to take the end smoothly. This post is all about questions which as job seeker should never ask to the interviewer at the end of the interview.

When will you get back to me?

One of the most common mistakes most of the job seeker does is asking about the result date with eagerness or curiosity. Yes it is a natural feeling to get curious about the results, but sometimes, these kind of questions will show about your insecurity about the interview. Wait till you get the results by themselves, else it will spoil your image.

What about the salary negotiations?

Sometimes asking about the salary is also not a good thing at the end of the interview. Every job seeker has a expectation about the salary. This does not mean you demand to know from the interviewer. No interviewer would leave without bringing pay scale to the notice at least when you get the results. Hence, it is good to avoid questions related to the pay scale or salary negotiations.

What are the employee benefits which is very unique in your organization?

Never ask questions which might make them thing you are too cautious about your job. Questions like employee benefits, or your leave deductions can be asked sometime later and not at the end of the interview. This might make them think you over indulge with your questions to know about the organization details.

What is period for considering a hike in my job role?

Every one will be excited to be great at their job to get a hike very soon. But this does not mean you can exhibit your emotions right at the interview. Questioning about the time limit for your hike or about your future improvements is not so appropriate at the end of the interview

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