There are interview questions that are typical interview questions, questions that are difficult to answer, and then there are questions that are just, well, a bit weird, a challenge to answer and probably unexpected during most job interviews.

  1. “How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?”

If I was from Mars, problems on earth will be alien to me, hence the need to go into explorative research to determine cause, effects, and proffered solution.

On a lighter note, I’d wake up from my dream and stop imagining if I was from Mars.

  1. If You Could Have Dinner With Three Famous People That Are No Longer Living, Who Would You Ask?

This unusual question will allow you to talk about people in your life who you might find inspiring. If you are interviewing for a fashion job you could pick designers that inspired you but are no longer living, like Coco Chanel. Whoever you choose, think of a few examples of their work and how it has influenced you and your

  1. If the Time Is Quarter Past Three. What Is the Angle Measurement on the Clock?

The answer is 7.5 degrees. As the hour hand moves around the clock every 12 hours and there is 360 degrees in 12 hours or 30 degrees per hour. It’s a good idea is just to memorise this answer.

  1. If You Had Three Minutes Alone in the Lift With the CEO What Would You Say?

“Ummm nothing… I would be too nervous to speak to him!” is what you may be thinking. But, to properly answer this awkward question, you will need to show your knowledge and interest in the company and ask something that will be memorable. If you are working for a PR firm you could say something like “I loved the recent advertorial with X magazine, are you planning to work with Y magazine in the future? Their audience is perfect for the brand”. Chances are that the project is already in the pipeline and the CEO will like that you are on the same wavelength.

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