Six Sigma speaks volumes about the benefits of its use to a business organization. Since first put into practice by Motorola in 1986, the impact of Six Sigma on a company’s bottom line has led to it being adopted by businesses in many different industries.

This success has also led to more people becoming trained in Six Sigma methodology. What can that training do to help your career? The benefits are not only valuable to your career, but your overall business intelligence, as well

Here are 12 benefits of utilizing Six Sigma:

Career Advancement

The most common motive to have a certification is to progress in your career. Having that certification provides endorsement to employers that you have an explicit skill set. Competition for employment can be severe. By having proof that you have awareness and you can apply six sigma, can set you apart from crowd.

A Competitive Salary

With a Six Sigma certification you will be able to command a bigger salary. Experienced Lean Six Sigma certification holders are among the highest paid professionals globally. The two most well known certifications for Six Sigma are the Green Belt and Black Belt certifications. Below I’ve included two graphs which show the Green Belt and Black Belt salary trends from 2005 till 2018.

Financial Benefits

The Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional give confidence of successfully completing the project and there is a possibility that they will save around $60k. Usually, the savings per project is the amount that most organization needs to pay to accomplish the project on time and get the positive output.

Strategic Benefits

The Six Sigma certified professional is specialized in handling the project with a strategic importance. Any organization having a Green Belt certified professional can enjoy this strategic benefit by solving major problems in the business. The certified professional has ability to solve the complicated problems in a shorter period of time. Apart from solving the problems, they can find out the root cause and prevent it from occurring again.

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