Interviews are designed to assess your knowledge, capabilities and motivation on how you will behave in the workplace. Fumbling through an interview is embarrassing. Here are some common industry questions which makes young aspiring IT professionals fumble during interviews and tips to handle these queries well.

  • Why should we hire you?

This question is framed to assess what you consider as your strengths and capabilities and also how you are able to deal with that. So, you need to give a answer covering about how you would fare in customer facing scenarios/ mentoring fellow team members/ report preparation or other aspects rather than focusing about your immediate skill-experience match but also about that would give you an edge in your proposed role/ help the team.

  • What do you know about this role and the company?

This question is meant to check curiosity and intent of the job seeker. If the only words that you can say are, ‘good company’, think again. You need to research the company; use their website, Wikipedia page, and social page, anything to get complete idea about the prospective organization.

  • What trends do you think affects the IT Industry?

This question is only to know your view and whether you can do anything apart from coding! It is also to check your ability to articulate and communicate thoughts on the instead of the pre designed answers for the questions. Here you need to focus on customer facing skills to make you a valued team member.

  • Do you have any specific salary expectation?

To know the exact salary expectation you can assess with variety of compensation survey data available online. These give factual data for you to suggest possible numbers. It is important that you need to assess as per company standards. Another option is to suggest a percentage range but be prepared to handle further queries.

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