You may have everything (skills, knowledge, capability and experience) to be the best fit for that job but you may, on most occasions, fail on how to sell these to your recruiter/hiring manager. Here is a checklist of common interview blunders and how you can work on fixing them. Don’t bungle your next job interview by doing one of these things.

Avoiding Eye Contact

This is one of the commonest interview blunders candidates or job-seekers tend to make – often unknowingly. Avoiding eye contact is perceived to indicate lack of confidence and honesty in a candidate. This is why more than 70 percent employees reject a candidate. Thus, candidates should practice and make a conscious effort to maintain eye contact during an interview. Practicing the answers in front of a mirror looking into one’s eyes is a tried and tested way.

Not asking questions

Most of the job descriptions posted online do not give a sense of what an actual day in the job would feel like. That being the case, when you do not ask questions about the job (be it related to job role, work environment or any other aspect), it is often perceived as “lack of interest” in the available opportunity. To avoid this, it is always recommended to read the job profile thoroughly and be ready with questions related to various aspects of the job.

Not listening attentively

The art of communication starts with good listening skills, which is why it is said “communication is 80 per cent listening and 20 per cent speaking”. Not listening attentively in an interview is a mistake that often impacts performance. Job-seekers should listen more during an interview.

No showing interest in the company

This follows the previous point of asking questions. If the interviewer has already explained the job-role related details, the job seeker can ask questions related to the organization, its employee practices or work environment. These questions are a good opportunity to showcase your interest in the

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