When you think of the phrase “career-changing impact,” your first thought is that serious projects lead to serious results. And sure, some people can brag of big wins like working overtime for three months and then scoring a competitive promotion.

But it’s just as important to remember that to accomplish anything, much smaller (and simpler) tasks add up and also lead to big change over time.

In fact, here are 5 of our favorite “little” things that will ultimately have a huge impact on your career. The best part? None of them too much time or effort.

Document Your Wins

You might be thinking, “No need, I’ll remember everything.” But you won’t! And even if you’re not currently job searching, documenting your accomplishments gives you a clearer idea of what you bring to the table in your role. This is especially important to know (and be able to articulate) when you’re looking for promotions, raises, or even new responsibilities at work.

Need some help getting started? Check out this worksheet that’ll help you keep track.

Spend More Time Working on Your Writing

Even if your job isn’t to write, honing your writing skills can help you take the next step in your career.

No matter what your job is, it’ll make you more comfortable sending sensitive emails, creating presentations, and drafting more compelling reports. And when people at your company start noticing the improvement in your work, they’ll start trusting you with even more urgent tasks.

Hate writing? That’s totally OK. These tools and apps to sharpen your writing skills were made just for you.

Speak Up More in Meetings

Speaking up feels hard. In fact, it can feel next to impossible when you worry that your ideas just aren’t up to snuff. But here’s the thing—the chances are that if you’re thinking something, there are a few other people in the room who are thinking the same thing.

If you’re willing to speak up more often at work, you’ll grow your confidence and show your colleagues that you really care about what’s being discussed.

Plus, if you do have a good idea, it’ll be remembered. www.iibmindia.in


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