The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives, and it is not just those who work in IT that will need to be alert of this change. The House of Lords have stated that digital skills should be taught as a third core subject, and treated with same importance as numeracy and literacy.Added to this there is the claim that digital skills are entering all areas of work medicine, entertainment, communication and retail are all turning into fields where digital skills are a must.

Social Media

The ability to understand and utilize social media effectively is a core skill every professional should have. Social media marketing goes beyond posting a tweet or Facebook update; it is about understanding the dynamic relationship between brands, influencers and consumers. To put it simply, businesses need to reach out to customers in ways that will drive traffic to their website—or product—for potential conversion.

Social media has permeated the fabric of our society, and become the primary source of communication and information flow between content creators and consumers. Educators who recognize social media’s influence should understand the intricacies of each platform and its potential influence to maximize community engagement in order to provide graduates with valuable and applicable skills.

Content Marketing

Content comes in many forms – blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, even social media status updates. Marketers may spend their time optimizing keywords and advertising campaigns, but content is still king. After all, a website or social media page is driven by its content and without it, customers have no way of understanding the benefits of a product or service.

Content is crucial in driving brand awareness and can establish brands or influencers as thought leaders. Therefore new hires need to understand the importance of creating not just content, but content that is relevant to keyword research and optimizing them in a


We’re not proposing anything too advanced, so don’t panic!

You don’t have to be able to code the applications you use, but in many cases a bit of knowledge helps you use those applications better. According to recent trends, programming will soon become an indispensable literacy skill.

As the ubiquity of the web and computers keeps increasing at an ever-accelerated pace, we can only speculate on whether ten years from now college graduates will have to be aware of basic to intermediate coding skills, and if classes in coding will be offered to secondary school students along with other keyboarding essentials.

For now, you can make do by learning the basics of HTML5, the markup language used for creating and presenting online content.

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