Ever faced an HR interview before? In case you haven’t, I am sure that you might face one soon enough. In order to help you prepare, we have curated this blog which covers some of the most frequently asked HR interview questions and answers.

Describe who you are. or Tell me about your background?

In an HR round, you will surely face this question among all other HR interview questions and answers asked to you, and I am sure you treat it as the easiest of all questions. Well, it’s not! Never underestimate the possibility of scoring better points with a crisp answer, if you feel confident. It can become a fate-changer for applicants having fewer than 5 years of total job experience.

Possible Answer

“I am a B. Tech in Computer Science/B. Com in Economics. I also have an MBA or I have completed a certification course in Digital Marketing from ABC Academy. What else would you like to know?”

In case your degree is not as relevant as it should have been, but you feel that you have the potential to shine through, you can give this answer. This is a useful tip for HR interview questions and answers.

What is your ideal company or workplace?

Possible Answer

“My ideal company is the one which can bring forth exciting challenges. Such opportunities will bring out the best in me as I can use my interests and experiences to grow. I like my present workplace as it offers all this along with a clean and professional work atmosphere, and more. But I am looking forward to a company that is actively involved in social welfare, and your organization does exactly that.”

What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Possible Answer

“Hard work is delivering work on time with more effort and smart work is delivering work on time, with lesser effort. I feel that is the basic difference. Most of the times, in the corporate world, I feel a combination of both is needed to attain excellence.”

How quickly do you adapt to new technology?

Possible Answer

“I can adapt quickly to new circumstances. Since I am clear about my job role and I am mentally prepared to take up challenges, I feel I have the capacity to learn fast and apply my new knowledge. During my student life, I had to clear new papers and projects in every semester and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Similarly, I will enjoy picking up new technologies in my professional life as well.”

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