Before you dig into the questions and answers for a fresher HR interview, it will be helpful to read the introduction article here – HR Interview Preparation Tips for Freshers. Earlier article explains how one prepare for a HR interview.
HR interview more often, is not a selection process, but a short listing process, where few of the selected candidates from previous rounds are weeded out. So more than concentrating on getting selected, one should be focused on NOT getting rejected.First few minutes are very important and so does the first few questions. The interviewers do not know anything about you. The impression you make in the first few questions, is going to set tone for the entire session and plays a huge factor.
What are your hobbies and interests ?
You cannot say, you don’t have any other interests, other than academics. Even if you are very studious, your answer should include reading non-textbooks and following cutting edge stuffs in technology. A company looks for a candidate who are more rounded and keeps diverse interests in life. Identify one of your interests other than academics and prepare answer based on that (Don’t include eating, watching TV, sleeping etc.)
• “I love singing and I also play instruments like Guitar.”
• “Outdoor sports is my interest. Specifically cricket”
• “I am a numismatist (coin/ currency collector). I have been doing it since school days”
Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
The important part is not who, but why? When you answer this question with a name, you should follow it up with why he / she is most inspiring person.
“My greatest inspiration is Sachin Tendulkar. He had such a humble upbringing & his hard work took him to the greatest heights in the world of sports. He still keeps himself rooted and stays humble. I also believe in hard work and humility”.
What is one thing that you like about our company?
Again, always know about the company before choosing your answer. A wrong line of answer could cost you the job itself. Like you go to a research Organization & tell about your partying habit, you most likely lose the chance to get through. Most likely one of the above answers applies here also. The difference is, you don’t have to align this with your interests & strengths.
What are your expectations from your first job?
You can always quote a simple vision or strategy which you like about the company. As a fresher, your most important expectation should be “To Learn” & this is what most companies expect from you. There could be additional personal expectation like contributing to society, placing yourself within corporate world, paying off your education loan etc;
“I have had lot of studies during all these years, but mostly theoretical leanings. My first & foremost expectation from my first job would be to learn how all these are applied in a practical and industrial way. I also want to be a part of the corporate culture and learn how this is run.”

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