In the competition to win job interviews, some savvy job seekers are turning to visual resumes: infographic resumes, presumes, social resumes and more.

Content is king:

The content within your visual resume, should you choose to use one, must address the needs and wants of the employer – period. It doesn’t matter how slick or creative your visual resume is! What does matter is that the reader can easily find what they are looking for and that your content is relevant to the job and company! When you create your visual resume, be sure to keep the following in

Content: Customise your content based on the skills and expertise required by the employer. This information is acquired through the job posting and conversations with company insiders.

Visuals: Use visuals on purpose, a fancy chart or graph that doesn’t mean anything is a waste of time

Target the right audience:

Infographicresumes are not ATS-friendly, so don’t even try to submit it through an applicant tracking system. Instead, use it to catch the attention of a company insider. When you reach out to a contact inside the company, introduce your document as a quick visual overview of what you’ve done. By the way, there is data that suggests visual images are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Share it:

It isn’t enough to create one of these – you need to share it too! Some suggestions include:

LinkedIn: Adding it to your LinkedIn profile as embedded media in your summary or experience sections.

Status Update: Updating your status on social networks using a link to your visual resume.

E-mail Signature: Including a link to it in your email signature and text resume.

Infographics are hot:

In the marketing industry, infographics are hot! In case you hadn’t realised,  job seeking is marketing and many of the same principles and trends apply! HubSpot provided these interesting statistics:

  • 65% of the world’s population are visual marketers.
  • Google Trends shows Infographics grown over 800% in the past 2 years.
  • Using infographics increased traffic 12% more (on average).
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