The Master Program is the gateway to many career paths. Marketing has always been a popular choice among these. In fact, 24% of the 3,850 Master Program applicants surveyed say they would consider a marketing specialization.
Marketing was sixth out of 15 specializations in terms of popularity with applicant respondents. In the Salary Trends Report 2018, 37% of the nearly 3,500 employers surveyed say they hired Master Program Students into marketing roles in 2017. This puts marketing fourth behind strategic planning, finance, and general management among Master Program functions.
The main reasons an Master Program can be of value to marketing professionals are:
Your professors are valuable industry contacts
In business schools, many of the professors are leading business professionals who have held influential posts at blue chip organisations. Others have launched start-ups in various industries. Listing these individuals as contacts can be hugely beneficial to your marketing
You can attend interesting events through your Master Program course
In business schools you have the opportunity to attend seminars, discussion panels and workshops that you may not otherwise have had access to. These experiences can not only open your mind to new business ideas, they also offer the opportunity to network and make valuable business contacts.
Your fellow classmates are great additions to your network
Master Program are filled with people who want to better themselves, advance their careers, and achieve great things. Since you are all in it together, there is a sense of camaraderie that you don’t get in most other situations. This closeness can lead to exceptional business relationships out of the classroom that can be utilised for greater career progression.
Having an Master Program increases your credibility
Although some people say that what you’ve done in the “real world” is more important than what you’ve done in the classroom there is no doubt that by having anMaster Program you will benefit from some degree of increased credibility. Earning the qualification is an achievement in itself, but it also implies that you are an expert in your field, and that you have a certain level of dedication and work ethic. This increased credibility can be the thing you need to progress your marketing career.

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