Job interviews are nerve-wracking no matter your circumstances. You are essentially submitting yourself to be judged in half-hour increments by strangers who have the power to control your financial future. Who wouldn’t be anxious?

And when you have a legitimate weakness — like having to explain a spotty job history — it can be even harder to go in with confidence.

The good news is projecting self-confidence in a job interview is something you can prepare for, control, and even fake. Here’s how.

Research and Study

You might wonder what research and study are doing here, but trust me there is nothing more stressful than going to an interview while realizing you don’t know anything about the company you are interviewing for. If you research and learn about the company’s products, culture, profile, and vision; you will get there at least with the confidence of knowing your subject by heart. You won’t have to see yourself disintegrating into 1000 pieces when the interviewer will ask you what you already know about the company. Know what to say as if you are going to be on stage. Tip: research as much information as you can on the company website, social media, Google, news, and even Linkedin!www.iibmindia.in

Plan your opening response

Considering the importance of your first impression, as well as your own nerves in the beginning of the interview, it’s a good idea to carefully plan your opening. If you can ace the first question, it will build your confidence for the rest of the interview.

Most interviews start the same way: some small talk and banter, followed by some version of, “Tell me about yourself.” This open-ended question is a great way for you to take control of your story and start building the case for why you’re perfect for this job. Start by offering a brief overview of your career history, including why this field called to you and some of the successes you’ve had. Be sure to connect the dots about the job moves you’ve made and why. Finish by describing what you want next, and why you’re especially suited to this role.

Choose appropriate clothes that you are comfortable in

Nothing can take your confidence away better than when you see that the new shoes you bought yesterday, especially for the interview of today, is killing your feet and making you walk like a drunk person! So don’t risk on the shoes or even on the clothes (if too tight, don’t put this super beautiful suit you’ve loved so much since 20 years. You are not 18 anymore, if it doesn’t fit, get a new suit, get over this one; don’t let a button pop out in the middle of your interview!) You not only need to dress to impress the interviewer but yourself as well! Nothing feels better than an impeccable professional image of yourself reflecting on the mirror, an image ready to meet the world and get that interview rolling!www.iibmindia.in

It’s just a conversation

Think about the interview like it’s just a simple conversation with someone, to discover each other and see if there is a fit. A bit like a blind date where we just get to know each other before we decide if we want another round or not. It’s a simple conversation with questions and answers and really, that’s what it is. There is no right or wrong. If you feel desperate about getting the job, thinking of the interview as a matter of life or death won’t help you feeling better or win it over.

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