Get a Head Start on Your Practical MBA Career

The idea of doing a practical MBA to get a tailor made industry specific training and grooming has become quite popular these days. Students prefer to complete a practical MBA program before getting stepping in Practical MBA career professional world because Practical MBA can help in enjoying some definite advantages.


You will get special marketability of your resume


A fresh MBA student may have acquired enough business management related education, but he lacks comprehensive knowledge of the real professional world. But student with practical MBA qualification will be well acquainted with Practical MBA Career professional world.


Less expensive and can be completed faster


Practical MBA modules are less expensive than conventional MBA, which is an easy investment for a student before he starts his professional career. This program can be completed in 6-24 months.


3 additional certificates


After completion of a practical MBA module a successful recipients will earn three additional certificates like project management certification, six sigma certification, and digital market certification. These three credentials help a student to explore his career in three most lucrative professional streams, which helps in getting better working opportunity.


Worldwide Exposure


After doing a practical MBA a recipient will get an internationally recognised accreditation, which is again a great way to start a rewarding professional career.


However, these advantages can be enjoyed if the practical MBA is done from a recognised world class institute. IIBM is one such globally appraised institute that offers comprehensive Practical MBA for students as well as on-job professional.

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