The season of management entrances is on and one can find table lamps lit up more than fairy lights of Christmas. With students all over India preparing rigorously for entrance after entrance, opportunities for working professionals in the education section aren’t any less. Now, you can pursue further education while continuing working and no, we are talking about Online education. Although what we are talking about can be pursued Online. In context here is Executive Master Program, a management program specially designed for professionals who already have learned the hard way how the industry works but now seek to fast track their
Executive Master Program is pursued only when a student has years of experience in a managerial position. Which is why, a regular MBA would not suffice to your educational needs as you no more are a fresher and probably know the industry by heart now. EMPBA is the right choice to make if one wishes to get a change of pace and pay in their career and although the challenges you have to go through to pursue it are many, the benefits of an EMPBA far outweigh them.
2 Reasons to pursue Executive Master Program
Uplifts your managerial competency
Working in a company for years together sure gets you the knowledge of the industry but top it up with an Executive Master Program and you see things in a different light. Many students have admitted that they found the extra education to be more enlightening as the course reflects real life situations but come with added procedure for solutions. You start thinking differently and understand the importance of strategic thinking in critical decisions. One begins to find and clearly see new solutions for old problems they faced at work. It increases your managerial competency to a new level which not only adds to your skill set but in turn adds value to the place where you work.
The promotion
On an average, a person after pursuing an Master Program Executive gets a pay increase of 25% or more. This is because a company finds it effective in the long term to have their own employee of years to be in a position of management. But a study conducted by the Executive Master Program Council reported that students do see the advantages of an Master Program executive but usually underestimate its effect. This was based on the data that out of all the students opting for such a course only 37% expected a promotion whereas on exiting the course over 43% of the students received a

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