11In your quest for professional growth, you may occasionally happen to be at the Executive Master Program vs. Master Program  intersection and find yourself seemingly either too old or too young for the programmes. What should you take into account before making a choice and building an application strategy?

Neither youth nor maturity is a sin or a virtue when it comes to admission to an Master Program or an Executive Master Program. In any case, either the Master Program or the EMPBA will satisfy your urge for improving your managerial skill set and career growth. What matters is where you see the highest value for your career project and the best fit of learning environment. This will help you prepare your pitch to the admissions for the program where you feel you truly belong.

Put yourself in the picture

The first step to deciding which programme is right for you is to be aware of the participants’ profile each of these programmes is targeting. EMPBA programmes are geared towards professionals with significant work experience – somewhere between 10 and 15 years on average, 5 years being the required minimum. Management experience is often required for EMPBA application, and will definitely be viewed as an advantage for Master Program candidates, although in this case it is not a must, and the overall professional experience is expected to be a minimum of 2-3 years.

The average age in the Master Programclass is 29 (ranging between 23 and 37) with five years of work experience (ranging between two and 10 years). The school describes the typical Master Program candidates as young professionals who are at an early stage in their career.

An Master Program in Business Administration of IIBM Institute, is generally a Eleven months program, students choose to go part-time. Essentially a general Management Certification, an Master Program doesn’t require applicants to have professional work experience.

An EMPBA, or an Executive Master Program of Business Administration, is also a Eleven month program, but it’s aimed at business executives with five years’ managerial experience. The average age of students ranges from 32 to 38 years old. However business rock stars—prodigies, fast-climbers, valuable executives that the company wants to hang onto, and maybe a real-life rock star or two—may not have to put in that much time.

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