Completing an EMPBA program is a commendable goal that gives people expertise in the business world. Usually available to anyone who has completed a bachelor’s program, this kind of Certification builds upon knowledge students have gained from hands-on experience in their careers.

What is an EMPBA in Business Analytics? Typically intended to give students a deeper understanding of the core practices of business, this program’s goal is to prepare students for business careers. Courses usually cover topics such as communication and computer science with a strong focus on the analytical aspect of each subject. Students may study broad subjects such as management theory and business strategy.

When enrolled in an EMPBA in Business Analytics program from IIBM Institute, students usually develop many crucial skills, such as problem-solving, that can aid them throughout their careers and may eventually lead to job advancements. Strong analytical skills can also be cultivated, as can critical-thinking skills that help in both professional and personal life.

With the business field growing constantly, there are many exciting careers available for students with an EMPBA in Business Analytics. Many choose careers as data scientists, some focusing on computer science while others prefer to work on analytics. Those who enjoy communication with a wide variety of people sometimes find careers as marketing research managers. Jobs as quantitative analysts may be available. Careers as data business analysts are another popular option, and other students who prefer behind-the-scenes careers may prefer jobs as consultants.

Business Analytics is about quantitative analysis and predictive modeling towards data-driven competitive strategies. Exemplars of analytics are using tools to identify their most profitable customers; offer the right price; accelerate product innovation; optimize supply chains; identifying the true drivers of financial performance etc. Organizations as diverse as HSBC, PepsiCo, Amazon, Barclay’s, Capital One, Procter & Gamble, Wachovia, and the Boston Red Sox illuminate how to leverage the power of analytics. Competence in analytics along with the ability to handle big-data has become a critical skill for r managers of the new age business organizations.www.iibmindia.in






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