An Executive Master Program of Business Administration designed for established business professionals looking to improve their career opportunities. These programs are typically offered on a flexible schedule, including weekend classes, to help meet the needs of busy professionals.

Executive MBA: Format & Focus

Executive Master Program are Eleven Month Program  fromIIBM Institutethat help build knowledgeability in potential business leaders in various areas of business, domestically and internationally. These program have high requirements and a heavy coursework load, but those who take them will reap the benefits of extended networking opportunities.

Executive Master Program may be completed in under Eleven month through weekend classes. Most program focus on developing the knowledge of high-level business leaders who have been working in their fields for about a decade. Students may be able to immediately put the skills they’ve learned to work in their careers.

Executive Master Program typically span 11 months. The program format includes Online Live Classes study.

Promotional rewards

Meanwhile, the Executive Master Program reports 37% of EMPBA students receive a promotion while studying and EMPBA students are more likely to be promoted within their company than graduates from other MBA and management programs. In addition, the also indicates, 68% of EMPBA graduates are trusted and endowed with new levels and remits of responsibility during their studies.

Such new and greater levels of responsibility can include managing larger teams, overseeing more complex projects, being assigned to an international post or simply being given greater leadership roles overall in managing both tasks and people. For many EMPBA it also makes sense to apply and hone the newly acquired skills within an environment that they are familiar with and in which they are likely to be given greater flexibility to apply the new knowledge in innovative ways.

Value recognition

Employers also recognize the added value an EMPBA offers their company and employees alike and facilitate upward mobility within the company accordingly. Promoting from within not only limits the steep learning curve every new appointment brings with it, but it also improves and strengthens the morale among employees when they recognize the possibilities for advances within the company. EMPBA are known to bring in new perspectives and the valuable ability to combine organizational knowledge with innovative approaches and fresh ideas.

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