Digitization, internet-of-things and big data among other things are beginning to transform sectors such as health and mining in ways never before imagined. In such a scenario, how professional development such as undertaking a Online Executive Master Program (EMPBA)  withIIBM Institutewill help managers become leaders and help accelerate and transform their careers? There are several features and benefits from undertaking an EMPBA which will help such a career transition. These are:

Managing Across an Organization

Executive Master Programare typically a generalist training and participants learn how to approach an issue from many different perspectives such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HR and Strategy. The knowledge, skills and confidence learnt then encourages them to apply for jobs up and across their organization as well as career transform to other organizations and Sectors.

Thinking Strategically

Essentially this means the ability to think outside of the box. Doing an OnlineExecutive Program challenges students to think in positive, creatively and innovative ways when questioning the existing business assumptions most organizations are typically following today. Students learn how to envision the organizations of the future and their likely career roles within them.

It signals readiness to move into a more senior position

An EMPBA is for senior managers who have reached the point in their career when they want to stop and take stock, and plan their next career move. “If you’re sure you are at a crossroads and are intellectually curious and ambitious, then aOnline Executive Master Program will serve you well,”

Often, just enrolling in a program will signal to employers that you’re ready to move into a more senior position. “One of the key benefits of completing an Executive Master Program is an individual’s frame of reference is greatly expanded,” Data show that 41% of EMPBA graduates are promoted and 52% receive new responsibilities at work.

You apply learning directly into the workplace

Because Executive Master Program study part-time from IIBM Institute and are usually employed throughout their programs, they can apply their new-found knowledge directly into the workplace — making them better at their job. Executive Masterprograms provide a wide variety of leadership development tools and greater strategic vision. “We hear how individuals now have a strategic view of their enterprise and they are equipped to make better decisions and execute actions more effectively,”www.iibmindia.in

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