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Cloud computing is a technology that offers consumers and business users the ability to utilize applications and access information over a network, which is typically through the internet or a central server. This technology service gives users the freedom to access data from any location via a network enabled device. Within organizations, adoption of cloud computing practices enables businesses to improve agility, reduce costs, leverage virtualization, enhance workforce productivity, and take advantage of multi tenancy. For IT service providers, offering cloud computing-enabling technologies and services is becoming of critical importance. Consequently, the demand for qualified cloud computing certified professionals is also on the upswing. TUV SUD Certified Cloud Computing Elementary Professional (TCCEP) is a widely recognized credential that can improve your proficiency in this technology service and open up rewarding career opportunities.

The TUV SUD Certified Cloud Computing Elementary Professional certification is ideal for (but not limited to) professionals in the following roles:

  • IT specialists
  • IT technical service specialists (IT, security, infrastructure services, systems etc)
  • IT relationship managers
  • IT architects
  • Consultants
  • Business and IT management
  • Business process owners
  • Analysts
  • Risk management employees


But, there are those who are injecting some wonder back into the cloud and, they just so happen to be in our industry. With the ascension of cloud computing there is a reason to get excited about the cloud once more thanks to the work of developers at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple who are all looking to win the tech war that will revolutionize how businesses organize and conduct themselves for decades to come.


Competition to win the cloud revolution is at an all-time high as the tech titans (Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft) all look to appeal to customers. Microsoft just rolled out unlimited storage on One Drive for those users with Office 365 accounts and many experts within the industry expect most, if not all of the titans to follow suit (which is great for small businesses as the benefits of cloud computing will only continue to expand). This escalation of cloud computing features firmly cements cloud computing as the future of digital storage for small businesses across the country.

The benefits of cloud computing have ensured that titans will once again rule the skies overhead. Skies that are becoming a veritable and infinite source of information for businesses around the world. Clouds are the future (there is no denying that). And they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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