Certification can be a good base for a job interview, but you need some sugar on the bread before applying for a job. Certification can be a good area to explore before the placement season, because they highlight your area of interest and add actual value to your skills.

This doesn’t mean that you can add unrelated and unnecessary certifications to your CV and then expect a top paying job. It has to be related to what you do, or more importantly it has to add value somehow to the company you are hoping to join.

Digital Marketing

The scope of marketing is as vast as the seven oceans. It’s a very creative field, and you can shape the things around you with your ideas. Whether you prefer traditional marketing or the new generation digital marketing, IIBM Institute provide you certifications that will help to develop your skills.


Management is also a very broad field with numerous career opportunities. A Certification is a bare essential for a reputed managerial post. To elevate your chances even higher, you can take some certified course to polish your CV and your skills. The certifications from IIBM Instituteare not only for freshers, but people working in the industry can also take them to hone their current skills.

Some leading certifications in this regard are Master Program, Six Sigma, Executive Program, Supply Chain Management, Certified Manager etc. These require various Certification of effort and are evaluated by long class hours and tough tests. But the results are always worth it as they are globally recognized and prized.


These are some of the certifications that will boost your placement chances. Along with these, you can take a look at other certifications that helps you with essential skills like communication, leadership, work ethics, etc. They are as necessary as your working skills.

But remember that the end of the day, more than certifications, it’s the actual skills you learn that will make the difference. So keep your eyes and ears open and try to understand what the industry demands and where exactly your skill sets fit in.www.iibmindia.in

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