Careers in Materials Management Professional

Increasing population coupled with scarcity of valuable resources have made materials management as one of the fastest growing and promising career options in India. The limitless job opportunities along with attractive pay packages, provided by this field of study have attracted many youths to pursue a career in material management.

Materials Management ,being a critical function of management needs specialists to handle its domain in any industry. Obviously, being a professionally managed function, it needs people with requisite qualifications. Materials Management Professional Courses are thus in demand and are the need of the young career aspirants every where.

Course details

Materials Management is a specialized management programme offered by IIBM institutes Business Management in India. The minimum qualification to enter into this course is a 10+2 any discipline.

Career Prospects

Material Managers have limitless career options in public as well as private sectors. They can be employed in purchasing, storing and supplying departments of defence, railways, public transport etc. They also can find lucrative employment opportunities in industrial establishments, corporate houses,
supply chain industries and private transporters.

Materials management professional is a highly remunerative career option. Material managers have lucrative pay packages in government departments. However in private sector they get very high salary along with other fringe benefits.

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