The career trends in 2019 are not going to be something radical and out of the blue! They are going to be trends that have been building up over the past few years and need addressing this year. These trends will impact the way you search and apply for jobs in

Learn more about these trends and how they will change your future, and what you can do to stay on top of these trends for a fruitful long-term career.

Data will continue to rule businesses

Businesses are keen on collecting data in every form possible to make better products and offer improved services. They need Business analytics and data science to make sense of it all and generate insights that will help the company. This is one of the biggest career trends in 2019 and is creating millions of jobs worldwide.

How will it affect you?

India is a hot spot for data analytics, and almost every company has an opening for a data analyst. Gain knowledge about the subject, combine it with practical knowledge, and you can easily find a fresher job in any industry.

Human support

While companies will pursue and invest resources in going digital, it will create tons of opportunities for the human support element. As a representative of your company, consider how you can increase your value.

Certifications will trump over degrees

One of the most significant career trends in 2019 will be the focus of companies on certifications over traditional degrees. A lot of the new age jobs like data sciences and digital marketing are not even taught in colleges as full-fledged degrees. They are taught as special courses; this is why self-learners take up certifications to prove their skills.

How will it affect you?

Get technical certifications from IIBM Institutethat will highlight your capability to your prospective employer. You can show how you understand the value of skills. You can take upIIBM InstituteCertifications like SEO Specialist, Full Stack Developer, Back End Developer, Data Scientist, and Big Data Developer to prove your skills in these areas.


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