The EMPBA is renowned for providing successful candidates with career progression and an immediate return on their professional investment. You may have heard alumni speaking about the positive effect an Executive Master Program had on their career. And it’s true! But what exactly does the Executive Master Program give you that enables such career trajectory?

Leadership development

If you’ve reached middle management level in your current profession, there’s a reason why you’re seeking out the Executive Master Program – to get you to the top. And one of the key skills required of successful managers is leadership skills.

EMPBA Certification from IIBM Institute enables students to master specific leadership skills. “They [students]will be able to anticipate the future needs of the global market, create a vision of the organization as a worldwide benchmark for meeting those needs, and develop cross-organizational influence that will enable teams to quickly transform this vision into reality,”

“An EMPBA develops students’ commitment to creativity, innovation, and a tolerance for ambiguity in planning and problem solving. These skills are the foundation of leadership development in our EMPBA program and enable students to immediately and successfully apply them at work.

A unique combination of expertise

EMPBA alum speak of the general management toolbox their Certification has equipped them with, but inside the Executive Master Program are opportunities for you to create your own niche. While there may be a range of set papers that form the structure to your EMPBA, you will also be able to choose from modules that interest you specifically and are directly applicable to your line of work.

EMPBAs are about harnessing the power of every student’s entrepreneurial spirit, cultivating the ideas that they are passionate about and developing those ideas by leveraging the spectrum of talent and experience across the class.”

Preparing for opportunities

Not only will the course content of an Executive Master Program open your eyes to new management practices, but the interaction you have with your fellow classmates, many of whom will bring additional culture, experience and possibly even business opportunities to the program, will increase your awareness of the possibilities and opportunities around you.

The EMPBA way, and you’ll soon find there are more avenues to explore, opportunities to make the most of, and career progression you may once have thought wasn’t possible.

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