The banking and financial services management Master Program in Banking & Financial Services Management by IIBM Institute is for those interested in being trained in how to work in a variety of business areas providing financial and banking services. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create workable interfaces between businesses and financial institutions. This program will prepare you to work in the business world with companies and industries to find ways to manage banking and financial transactions.

The banking and finance industries include a wide variety of careers, including positions in asset management, loan processing and financial planning. The Financial sector in India is under growing a paradigm shift.  Also, the impact of economic liberalisation has forced financial and banking sector to carry out extensive reforms to remain competitive. The financial meltdown has impacted the profitability of banks & other financial institutions forcing them to adopt prudential, financial measures. The security concerns are also required to be addressed progressively.

Master Program in ( Banking & Finance ) is comprehensive & holistic in nature and is designed in such a way that it is able to fulfil the demand of the industry. In this programme, the focus is on preparing managers who will have extensive knowledge of the financial and banking sector & possess adequate technical and behavioural skills in the core functions of the above field. All this is achieved through a well-crafted set of curricula and extra-curricular activities, delivered by a mix of experts from academia and industry.


Groom students to understand intricacies of ever growing competition and infusion of technology in the banking and financial sector.

Create an ability to analyse, evaluate, strategies and implement the same  Banking and Finance sector.

Provide exposure to the handling of the transaction using technology.

Provide learning through consultation, exploration and research related to Operations, Products, Instruments, Processes, etc. in Banking and Finance.

Develop interpersonal and multicultural teamwork competency


Investment Banker

Investment bankers are financial professionals that assist various organisations, like governments and corporations, with the raising of funds by issuing stocks and bonds. Employment for investment bankers can be found with brokerage firms, investment banks and other financial services companies.

Loan Officer

Loan officers are employed in the banking industry and are responsible for screening and approving applications to borrow funds for mortgages, car notes and other loans. Jobs for loan officers can be found at banks and certain financial services firms.

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant, or financial advisor, is knowledgeable about a range of financial services, such as asset management and retirement planning. Most financial consultants often specialise in specific areas of financial services, like managing personal assets.

Banking Salaries

Both loan officers and tellers work full time, although some banks have part-time teller positions. The average annual income for a full-time teller is just under $25,000. Loan officers average over twice that amount each year, with the median wage at around $59,800. The compensation is calculated differently for the two jobs, however. While tellers are hourly wage earners, loan officers are often on commission or paid a fixed salary, and sometimes they’re paid commission on top of a base salary.

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