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In the 21st century, with a rapidly changing economy, we can notice a fast-reforming business landscape. This inevitably throws new business challenges with increasing demand for smart solutions. On one side, there is the new emergence of sophisticated technologies while on the other side, there are increased business demands from the customer ends to implement those.

Consequently, now it is harder to impress customers with traditional business solutions. In this case, business analysis becomes important as it brings the most effective techniques that work out smartly with business challenges. No doubt this brings the bright possibilities in future of business analyst.www.iibmindia.in

What is Business Analysis?

Before considering any other essentials or factors for becoming a business analyst, we should first understand what business analysis really is? So, here is the answer to it.

Business analysis is a profession which enables the changes within an enterprise by clarifying the requirements and providing the solutions for the business stakeholders. Business analysts take data from Business Intelligence or directly from the customers and analyze that to generate plans for business enhancement. A business analyst role is not limited, and they work across various levels of an organization.

They generally analyze collected business data to understand what is happening and the future possibilities to take proper measure for an optimized result that can meet the organizational goal. Hence, the key responsibilities of a business analyst are to keenly observe the business problems, understand the root cause of those and finding out the solutions and requirements for that.

Future of Business Analyst – Is Business Analysis a Good Career?

A good career means it depends on many factors and it also depends on an individual. Is business analysis a good career? If this question is in your mind, you’re in the right place. Considering the below mentioned basic parameters, yes, business analysisis no doubt a promising career.

Future of business analyst

Once you get hold of this role with enough knowledge you can move to project management or consultant roles that can cater from functional to pre-sales consultant or even IT PMO.


Business analyst role offers a lucrative salary which is why it is one of the most sought-after jobs for many professionals. We have discussed business analyst salary in the following sections of the article.

Job security

When every sector of IT is experiencing the footsteps of automation, the business analyst is a role which can’t be automated. This is a purely people-oriented job. Hence it cannot be replaced by a robot. So, your job is secured.www.iibmindia.in



The resume is a marketing tool that could determine your next career. The decision of the recruiter to bring you further along the process and invite you for the all- important interview hinges on the information contained in the resume.

Job applicants often find themselves in a quandary; should they opt for a short resume or a long resume? While a short one page resume is easier to make, it will not offer you the opportunities to differentiate your value proposition from the other candidates as a long resume would.

More information isn’t always necessary

When you’re building your resume, lay special focus on topics of extreme relevance only. Whether it’s a fresher resume or an experienced resume, just remember to stay relevant and informational without being boring or boastful.

For instance: You may not necessarily include your professional photography experience in your resume when applying for a Manager  job role. You may feel the need to add more details but do not give away, seek professional help instead.www.iibmindia.in

Provides Better Continuity for Your Story

A longer resume allows you to craft better content for each key section. You will have more opportunity to weave your story into the resume and create continuity. You can lead the hiring manager further along your story as he or she goes through your resume.

If you were successful in launching your story at the Header, it will be easy for the hiring manager to establish continuity simply by noting keywords at each section. Continuity of a compelling storyline could potentially distinguish you from the rest of the competition.

Risk of overlooking the important facts

The chances are that the employer will miss reading the most important information if you stuff too much information in the resume. The reader will most likely doze off while reading your resume. So, stick to a professional resume format that helps scatter the right information in the right places in your job resume.

Better Readability and Organization

With a longer resume you will not be pressured to keep everything to a minimum. And this includes the particulars of the resume such as:

Line Spacing

Font Style

Font Size

Page Layout


To make your resume more readable, you can open up the spacing between lines and use good sized font such as 12 or 13 for Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman.www.iibmindia.in



The art of giving good interviews lies in the confidence you ooze and the body language you display. Your answers to certain questions may display your qualities to the interviewer but it is essential to answer these questions in the right way.

Why do you want to receive an Executive Master Program? Why now?

Explain your motivation for pursuing a business Certification and why you feel now is the right time. Describe how an Executive Master Programwill help you achieve your career goals and emphasize that the Certification is a critical part of your plan.

Discuss a time when you were a leader?

It’s very likely that the interviewer will be interested in your leadership skills—this is common among interview questions. Have several specific examples ready that illustrate different forms of leadership, from leading a team, to taking the ethical high ground, to making a positive impact.

The best answers always involve potential students’ involvement with extracurricular activities or organizations outside of their workplace. “We can see that they are doing things that allow them to develop valuable skills like organizing events, managing people and other resources, and creating value in a certain area,”

What do you like most about your current work?

This is an opportunity to direct the conversation toward something you’re truly passionate about. What do you love about your job, and why did you choose that particular career path? What do you find rewarding or satisfying about what you currently do? Even if you’re unhappy in your current position, you should be able to name at least one good thing about it—this shows you’re able to find positivity in a negative situation.www.iibmindia.in

What do you like most about your current work?

This is an opportunity to direct the conversation toward something you’re truly passionate about. What do you love about your job, and why did you choose that particular career path? What do you find rewarding or satisfying about what you currently do? Even if you’re unhappy in your current position, you should be able to name at least one good thing about it—this shows you’re able to find positivity in a negative situation.www.iibmindia.in




The career trends in 2019 are not going to be something radical and out of the blue! They are going to be trends that have been building up over the past few years and need addressing this year. These trends will impact the way you search and apply for jobs in 2019.www.iibmindia.in

Learn more about these trends and how they will change your future, and what you can do to stay on top of these trends for a fruitful long-term career.

Data will continue to rule businesses

Businesses are keen on collecting data in every form possible to make better products and offer improved services. They need Business analytics and data science to make sense of it all and generate insights that will help the company. This is one of the biggest career trends in 2019 and is creating millions of jobs worldwide.

How will it affect you?

India is a hot spot for data analytics, and almost every company has an opening for a data analyst. Gain knowledge about the subject, combine it with practical knowledge, and you can easily find a fresher job in any industry.

Human support

While companies will pursue and invest resources in going digital, it will create tons of opportunities for the human support element. As a representative of your company, consider how you can increase your value.

Certifications will trump over degrees

One of the most significant career trends in 2019 will be the focus of companies on certifications over traditional degrees. A lot of the new age jobs like data sciences and digital marketing are not even taught in colleges as full-fledged degrees. They are taught as special courses; this is why self-learners take up certifications to prove their skills.

How will it affect you?

Get technical certifications from IIBM Institutethat will highlight your capability to your prospective employer. You can show how you understand the value of skills. You can take upIIBM InstituteCertifications like SEO Specialist, Full Stack Developer, Back End Developer, Data Scientist, and Big Data Developer to prove your skills in these areas.




Digital marketing professionals can make a bright career for themselves by learning the nuances of marketing through the internet and other digital media like television, social media, mobile apps and websites. Here is a brief insight into important aspects that digital marketing professionals should know.

Job Roles

Digital marketing has a huge scope of opportunities. It really depends on what type of digital marketing career you want to pursue as per your interest. The various job roles in demand in digital marketing are:

Social media



Web developer

Web designing




Email marketing

Achieving your professional goals is easier than you might think – all you need is an initial foothold in the industry and a solid foundational skillset. We’ve gathered some essential insights and advice from successful experts within the digital industry to help kickstart your career development. You can also download our free ebook to find out exactly what you need to do to carve out a successful digital career!

Whether it’s your first role, or you’re looking to secure a promotion, one of the most crucial actions you can take to ensure successful progression within the digital industry is to always thoroughly prepare before submitting a job application or attending an interview.www.iibmindia.in

The more you know about the organization for which you want to work – their history, their achievements, and their ethos – the more impressed your potential employer will be!

On a similar note, if you are meticulous about matching your skills and experience, to the requirements of your desired role, you’ll be able to very easily demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job!

“Big business and celebrities place a great deal of emphasis on developing, exuding and promoting their brand. This concept should be applied by everyone seeking to differentiate themselves in today’s personal and business worlds.

Granted, large brands have cash flow to throw at social campaigns and advertising – but the lesson on developing personality can be adopted by anyone, large or small. And that’s more important than ever these days because the online arena is getting more and more crowded.


Industry expert insight


“Be a problem solver and new opportunities will open themselves up to you. Try to think one step ahead and identify and solve potholes before they happen. Talk to your manager about the challenges they are facing and solve them yourself. Eventually your manager will move up the organization hierarchy and by proving yourself as someone who is already thinking proactively about solving for the business you will have earned trust and credibility making you a natural choice to take over the role they leave behind.”



Digital Marketing and Business analytics are two of the top trending courses of 2019. Digital Marketing is an organized attempt to gain information from a target audience about a pre-decided topic. Businessanalyticsis the method of collating, cleaning, modelling and analysing data with the aim of generating insights from them. In addition to these subjects, the perennially popular fields of marketing and branding continue to gain traction as the top trending courses of 2019.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing certificate program offered by IIBM Institute is curated to familiarize its participants with the core concepts of digital marketing. At the end of the program, the participants develop the working knowledge of digital marketing and its various operations. It consists of live sessions by IIBM Institute expert faculty and provides a hands-on experience to participants with case studies and projects.

Financial Analytics

The executive development program in financial analytics is a course meant for finance professionals. Today’s businesses continuously generate financial data and analyse it to draw insights that can help the business financially. This course helps the participants learn how to use complex statistical tools like Python and R. They will be able to perform financial analysis by using the financial information coupled with social media to make logical predictions.

Business Analytics

The executive development program in business analytics aims to help the participants in applying the core concepts of big data and business analytics in their regular managerial decision making. The course teaches how big data and data mining techniques enable the decision-making process by using reliable data-driven insights. The participants also get to know about the best practices related to the field by using an open-source programming language and machine learning frameworks. It is an online certification course.

Project Management

Project Management Course of IIBM Institute offers an executive development program in project management for senior professionals. This is an exhaustive course that teaches how to manage business projects effectively. As most senior professionals of any company are involved in project-related activities, this course will prepare them by covering a host of issues related to the operational, legal, financial and business aspects of project management. The course is taught by some of the most reputed faculty of Institute along with industry veterans



Going to business school can boost your career prospects, and in many industries having an Master Program will give you the edge over competition. A good Master Program can give your career the push that it needs. Each year, more MPBAs are added to the workforce, and pursuing the right field is the only way to ensure that your career shapes up the way you imagined while studying for the Master Program.

Selecting the right career path is critical for all MPBAs and prospective Master Program students. The reason is simple – every Master Program wants to see a return on their investment. Why Master Program has become such a sought after course in the last few years is the sheer spectrum of career options that you can opt for after completing the course. From marketing to advertising and even finance is great career choice. An Master Program could help financial advisors attract clients. For those who are not self-employed, an Master Program can make it easier to move into a management role.

This is the reason why MPBAs are always in high demand. Many consulting firms like Deloitte, Accenture, and Bain etc. want managers with an Master Program, as these candidates tend to have the analytical abilities and software knowledge required to do the job. Companies that have a high demand for MPBAs include SBI Capital Markets, MotilalOswal& Bank of America Continuum among many others.www.iibmindia.in

It is not just about subject knowledge. It is the development of the soft skills. AnMaster Program helps in overall personality growth (source). The course helps to have better presentation and interpersonal relationship skills by fine-tuning the communication. This communication ability is enhanced from the vigorous training and group discussions imparted as part of the curriculum. There is an overhauling of the personality, which otherwise would have taken, painstakingly long years. Talent and capabilities are always rewarded in the corporate sector, but the trend has shown that MPBA’s claim a higher pay package with an average of INR 18 – 24 lakhs.www.iibmindia.in



“How long should my resume be?” is one of the most commonly asked questions about resumes. Not too long ago, job seekers were told that a resume should never exceed one page. Those who broke this golden rule were destined for the circular file.

Times have changed, and so has the criteria for resume length. The new guideline is: A resume should be long enough to entice hiring managers to call you for job interviews. That may sound vague, but there is no hard-and-fast resume length rule that works for everyone. Factors to consider include career summary, occupation, industry, years of experience, number of employers, scope of accomplishments, and education/training.

Keep these facts in mind when deciding on resume length:

How important is the resume length?

Okay, here is the thing, recruiters spend as less as 6-14 seconds skimming through a resume. So, if your resume is too lengthy, you lose ground there. Recruiters clearly don’t have time to read a lengthy job resume and in a long resume, your area of focus is distributed, making it harder for the recruiters to focus on the main, selling points.

Similarly, when your resume is too short, it spells that you haven’t got a lot of things to speak for you and your candidature might be rejected even before you start. So, focusing on the resume length is a really, really important aspect of resume writing that you must keep in mind if you are looking to court success.www.iibmindia.in

How to make your resume the right length?

Focus on your educational background

For freshers, their educational background is of super importance and should get their due when resume writing. So, focus on it and start in reverse chronological order, tracing your educational history back to your tenth boards.

Talk about achievements and projects

Your achievements and projects are the selling point of your resume and should feature in boldly. You can talk about the projects you did in class, your contribution to it and so on. Adding your projects and achievements will also give you something to talk about during the job interview.

Put things in bullets

Bullet points take up a lot less space, make the resume concise and are a great way to say more in a few words. Besides, putting your points in bullets would leave enough white spaces; something that is really important to make your resume stand out.



A job interview, especially if it is a fresher interview and more so if it is your first job interview, can be pretty scary. HR interviews are known to test the candidates through and through and as such, you should have some interview questions with answers prepared before you sit for the interview.

So, while you lose yourself under the pile of worries, we have compiled some common HR interview questions with answers to guide you on. While we do not claim that you will be asked all these or only these questions during your fresher interview, knowing them and perfecting them will do you a world of good.

Why do you think you qualify for a human resource executive’s/manager’ position?

While asking this the interviewer wants to see, how do you identify yourself with the job role. Relate your educational qualification, work experience and personal qualities with the role to answer this question.

A possible answer could be, the role of a human resource manager needs the person to connect with others on a human level and help them meet their aspirations while following the company’s policies, structure and rules. I think with an experience of ‘X’ years, I know well how to deal with humans and my last employment has given me a good insight into the rules and regulations an HR manager has to keep in mind while operating.www.iibmindia.in

What according to you are the qualities that an HR Executive/Manager must have?

Knowledge, Intuition, Versatility, Flexibility, Focus and above all a human touch in every thing you do.

Why did you choose HR as your career?

While answering this question, don’t simply say that I love to work with people and that is the reason I am into HR. This is the most common answer and moreover something which makes the interviewer burst into laughter. This answer easily makes them understand that you are saying this just to get the job.

A better way would be to identify some work areas that an HR manager has to perform in his daily routine and relate them to your interest. A possible answer could be, I liked to be a part of the recruitment team which can identify right people and put them into right places. An employment into recruitment slowly developed into a full fledged HR profession.

What do you mean by Management? Describe the essential functions of management.

Management in simple terms can be understood as the process of bringing people together to achieve the desired goals. The essential functions of management include: Planning, Organizing, Budgeting, Resourcing, Directing, Controlling and Reviewing.www.iibmindia.in



Human Resources professionals are crucial to every organization, even start-ups ensure they hire an HR manager once they reach a sizeable number of employees. Many organizations believe that HR professionals should be one of the first people onboard a company as they help hire talented teams and create a productive work culture.

We have created an essential guide to the job responsibilities that are often required for HR jobs. This will help you understand the kind of work HR professionals are involved with daily.

What do professionals in HR careers do?

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. They oversee specialists in their duties; consult with executives on strategic planning, and link a company’s management with its employees.

HR specialists tend to focus on a single area, such as recruiting or training. HR generalists handle a number of areas and tasks simultaneously. Small companies will typically have one or two HR generalists on staff, while larger ones may have many devoted to particular areas and services.

Manages the talent acquisition process, including sourcing of resumes, shortlisting and screening of candidates, interviewing, hiring and, onboarding

This is the set of one of the primary job responsibilities of almost all HR jobs. Many people also think that this is the only thing that an HR Manager does. This is an ongoing task and a crucial one because this is how a team gets built.

For example, if the HR does not advertise the job in the right places or does not know how to pick the right resumes, or don’t understand who a suitable candidate is then it will lead to the selection of the wrong person who won’t be fit for the company!

This is why it’s amongst the most important of the job responsibilities of an HR professional.

Creates a compensation strategy, and keep it updated with the industry norms

If you don’t pay an employee well the likelihood of them leaving for a better paying job is high! The onus of deciding on the salary of the employees is one of the job responsibilities of an HR manager.

Determining the salary is not based just on how much the company can afford. It is the HR professional’s job to check what is the industry trend for each role and what competitors are paying so that they pay accordingly; not spend too much or too little.

Apart from the salary, deciding a bonus structure and the different perks, both cash, and kind are one of the job responsibilities.www.iibmindia.in