The Executive Master Program (EMPBA) is on the rise, with 50% of programs around the world reporting growth this year. Evidently, more people around the world are seeing the value of investing their time, and money, into an EMPBA program. And new research shows that EMPBA rewards go further than a salary increase.And nearly 40% of respondents also reported receiving a promotion while they were studying, suggesting that employers are seeing immediate benefits to the workplace from employees studying for an EMPBA.

“As the demand for competent and innovative leaders continues to rise, companies and individuals will look for ways to advance their abilities to stay competitive in the ever-changing business landscape,”

The survey also detailed the skills which EMPBAs are reported to be most competent in—and these results provide another reason why the EMPBA is growing in popularity among students and employers alike.

Here are some of the reasons why you won’t be wasting any time on an Executive Master Program.

Uplifts your managerial competency

Working in a company for years together sure gets you the knowledge of the industry but top it up with an Executive Master Program and you see things in a different light. Many students have admitted that they found the extra education to be more enlightening as the course reflects real life situations but come with added procedure for solutions. You start thinking differently and understand the importance of strategic thinking in critical decisions. One begins to find and clearly see new solutions for old problems they faced at work. It increases your managerial competency to a new level which not only adds to your skill set but in turn adds value to the place where you work.

Contacts and network

With a focused course comes a focused crowd. Opting for an Executive Master Program can help you build a network of individuals working in the same cross section as you in different companies. This network is a great potential for future references in terms of work. You get to be a part of a select group of individuals who are all managers from all over the world with different cultural and professional backgrounds. And so one can imagine the amount of ideas and exchange of business solutions that will happen around

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