Adding Education Qualification to your CV can help you get expected salary

Educational qualification is the parameter that decides the educational accomplishment of an individual. The educational accomplishments are one of the milestones that decide the elementary eligibility of an individual for a professional post. For example, an individual may have accumulated working experience of a manager due to his long term working knowledge, but as he lacks theoretical knowledge he cannot claim himself his eligibility as a manager.

Qualification and expected salary are two complementary factors.  An experienced employee of management cadre and a certified management professional will have different salary scale and despite adequate working knowledge, the certified management professional will get better salary scale. Experience matters a lot for in terms of playing hike both work experience and professional certification is mandatory.

Adding educational qualification in Curriculum Vitae is a sure way to ascertain a recruiter or a potential employer about your credibility. Experiences get quantified when it is coupled with educational experience. This signifies that besides theoretical knowledge and deep insight, you have the credibility to render your responsibility for managing a specific job responsibility.

A CV is the first impression of your professional profile for your probable employer. He /she will try to map your suitability for the job he/she has his disposal to estimate your suitability. Working experience along with your educational profile will make your professional profile more marketable and a complete profile will qualify for the better position. Better position in an organisation entitles for an expected salary. This is one of the reasons, adding education qualification to your CV can help you get the expected salary.

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