7 Ways to Make a Last Impression at your First Day of Job

Getting jittery, nervous, butterflies in the stomach- the big day for which you’ve waited for years is now nearing and is right ahead of you, and you really don’t want to mess it up. There is and will always be a first time and your first day at your first job is just around the corner. While it is completely understandable to be a little nervous, it will not be that difficult if you take care of a few things.Last Impression


Come prepared for your big day, which primarily means have small self-introduction ready or what is generally called as ‘elevator pitch’. Prepare a short intro’ of the self which could cover your college and course details and a line or two about your unique hobbies or interests. Do not talk about hobbies such as eating, watching TV, etc…they are lifelines….not hobbies!! Talk of your interest in Robotics, Mobile Gaming, Software Designing, etc. It’s also advisable to read up on the company you are joining and share a line or two about its growth, service line or history if any.


The first impression is indeed the last impression and makes sure you make that last impression with formal clothing. It’s generally advisable to check on the company website or with HR on the corporate attire and wear accordingly; however, even if the corporate culture is of semi-formal do not show up in low waist jeans or cargoes. It’s good to be wearing formals with trouser, shirt and matching shoes.


Call the people around you ‘dude’…’buddy’….and that impression is gone! Corporate culture nowadays might not necessarily be of ‘sirs and mams’ but it definitely is the first or the last name. Observe what HR or people around you are calling each other and follow the same. Get rid of all the slangs at least as long as you are in the office.  Remember, your language has to match your attire!


You will not have a lot of work on your first day and will find yourself sitting idle and waiting for things to happen; utilise this time to observe things around you instead of calling and chatting with your friends or family. Even if you are not observing, HR and other teams are, so make sure that you productively use this time. In case, you’ve been given a system visit the company website and read up on company policies, their services, history and so on.


It’s your first job and everyone knows about it and they expect you to question or ask things which you are not sure of or which requires clarity. Talking too much or not talking at all might put off HR or your Boss, hence it is advisable to keep a balance between questioning and listening. So, when the HR is conducting an orientation sessions it’s good to listen about the what the company’s culture, how they grew, line of business and when a question/answer round is thrown open to the audience, do not hesitate to ask questions about partners, their future plans, expansion plans, etc. but remember to sound like a professional with relevant and sensible questions.


 First job….first colleagues…first Manager…….donot make snap judgments about people or situations. It’s best to observe people around you, the work culture and not talk about them or make judgements; stay away from any office politics or controversial discussions, gossips.


The best way to win anyone and the best way to tide over any situation….SMILE; keep smiling and let people know you are happy and excited to be in this company. Let your employer know that they’ve hired someone with a pleasing personality whom they would love to work with.


There’s only one shot that you’ll get to make or break this impression so ensure that yours has positive and lasting effects; while it’s important to be prepared and conscious of your behaviour remember to be yourself and enjoy the moment. This day would never come again and will only be found in your blogs or diaries somewhere down the line.


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