The 7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips For Job Seekers

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Put in the Time to Make it Awesome

LinkedIn actually measures how “complete” your profile is. Spend some time and fill out as much information as you can. Also, add samples of your work (if you can) as it makes your profile that much stronger and appealing.

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Choose a Great Photo
Have a good photo that is both friendly and professional. Try to match what other people in your target audience wear. A photo can show off skills that are hard to write about like passion, energy, charisma or empathy.

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Write A Headline That Rocks

Your headline doesn’t have to be your job title and company—in fact, especially if you’re looking for jobs, it shouldn’t be. Instead, use that space to succinctly showcase your speciality, value proposition, or your “so what?” The more specific you can be about what sets you apart from the competition, the better

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Treat Your Profile Like Your Resume

Your resume isn’t just a list of job duties (or, at least, it shouldn’t be)—it’s a place to highlight your best accomplishments. Same goes for your LinkedIn profile: Make sure your experience section is fleshed out with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it, and who it impacted.

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Use Your Target Job Descriptions to Your Advantage
Take a look at the job descriptions of the positions you’re going after. Dump these into a word cloud tool and look for words that stand out. Make sure you use these words throughout your summary and experience sections. Chances are these are words employers are looking for when going through resumes.

7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Show Your Achievements
Market yourself as a top performer. Recruiters are looking for top performers and when they find them they usually contact them. You can market yourself in your summary and experience sections by making note of any times you’ve been promoted or hand-picked for a particular project.

 7 Best Linkedin Profile Tips: Don’t Be Afraid To Cut A Recommendation

“Ever get a recommendation you didn’t ask for? Or one that isn’t something you’d want to showcase on your LinkedIn profile? If you get a recommendation that’s poorly written or is unsolicited and don’t feel comfortable reaching out to the writer and asking for some revisions, no biggie. You can easily hide the recommendation instead. Select Profile > Edit Profile and go to the position with which the recommendation is associated. Click Manage. Uncheck the box next to the recommendation that you want to hide, and click Save Changes.”

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