Today, the ability of a recruiter to find your resume on a job board depends on the right keywords. But what fate awaits your resume after it has been discovered, amid thousands, rests a lot on how you have structured and presented the information about you. A resume, in simple terms, is your pitch for a job — this is a document you use to sell your skills. So, make it count and don’t make these 5 careless mistakes.

Being vague about education

Many candidates try to mention the bare minimum about education. Just saying that you did a graduation from is not enough do some certification course. Mention the Institute and the course and the period you studied there. If your grades were good, mention that. Add any accolades you won in college. The same goes for school. But again: don’t write too much and never lie. All documents will be cross-checked if you bag the job offer.

Going on and on about your skills

There seems to an unusual emphasis on listing skills first and candidates tend to show they are experts in almost everything. This only befuddles the recruiter, who has to wade through one-and-a-half pages to finally reach the point where the candidate starts to mention where he/she is actually working. Again, skills are generic (all candidates for the profile have them) but your work experience is unique. Highlight that confidently.www.iibmindia.in

Skipping proofreading

This lesson will be there in every listing you read about writing resumes. But it’s worth repeating here too. Do not make spelling mistakes in this age of spell checks from MS Word to Gmail. Read the resume twice and thrice. It should be impeccable.

Shortening words

In this age of WhatsApp and Twitter, shortening words is a necessity. But why do it in a resume? What’s the hurry? What if the recruiter gets confused? So, do not say you work in an e-comm company. Say e-commerce. Also, keep a tab on the language. Do not add too many jargons or use heavy words. If the recruiter, who is a generalist, does not understand what you have written, how will he/she pass it on to the hiring manager?www.iibmindia.in

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