Ever faced an HR interview before? In case you haven’t, I am sure that you might face one soon enough. In order to help you prepare, we have curated this blog which covers some of the most frequently asked HR interview questions and answers.

Describe who you are. or Tell me about your background?


“I am a B. Tech in Computer Science/B. Com in Economics. I also have an Master Program or I have completed a certification course in Digital Marketing from ABC Academy. What else would you like to know?”

In case your degree is not as relevant as it should have been, but you feel that you have the potential to shine through, you can give this answer. This is a useful tip for HR interview questions and answers.

You have changed jobs/jumped ship too many times already, why so?

This question is asked exclusively to experienced professionals who have switched jobs more than two times in their entire career. Freshers can skip to the next question.

Possible Answer:

“You may label me a ‘frequent career-changer’ but I genuinely feel that today I am a far better employee. My switches have helped me develop better interpersonal skills, gain diverse skills and adapt to rapidly changing business environments. I can solve problems more efficiently and creatively, as I have learned to live with ambiguity and uncertainty. My first job helped me develop patience. My second job helped me master spreadsheets and numbers. My third job helped me develop better people skills and also adjust amidst culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams. All in all, I feel that my varied background makes me an ideal candidate for this job role today.”www.iibmindia.in


What is your greatest fear?


Remember that this is a stress test question.

Don’t simply talk about your weaknesses, your interviewer genuinely wants you to talk about your loopholes! Try to resist the urge to give him/her more points to reject you. Answer diplomatically.

Possible Answer:

“You might think that since I have never worked in my life, and this is only my first job, my inexperience is my weakness. But I beg to differ. I am a fast learner and very open minded. I assure that I do not carry any pre-conceived notions regarding how I feel I should perform my job.”

What do your friends/co-workers say about you?


Possible Answer:

“I recently completed my internship at Tata Steel Ltd., Tata Center, Kolkata. My project lead told me that in the beginning, I was a little lost, but by the end of the summer internship program, she knew that she could count on me.”

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