Functions of theMaster Program Financial Management job are huge and needless to say the importance of a financial manager in the organization and the demand for the role. There are many big companies looking out for the efficient financial manager. Why not you be one among the preferred professionals that the companies love to hire? All depends on how you showcase your skill set in the interviews. IIBM Institutehave now list of interview questions to help the financial management professional to hit the job. Financial Management job interview questions and answers are framed with the objective of brushing your skill set in every job responsibility that management wants you to work on making you a perfect choice for them.

Question 1: What Are Some Of The Problems With The Current Management Of Government Finances?

Answer :

The Fiji Government’s current financial management structure, has been in place since the 1980s with minor changes throughout the years. A review of the current structure revealed the following problems:

  • Inadequate links between government policy decisions and implementation.
  • A focus on the resources given to Government agencies rather than how the agencies perform with the resources allocated to them.
  • Central control of finances by the Ministry of Finance which contributes to slow delivery of service.
  • Poor financial management and spending control.

Question 2: What Is The Financial Management Reform?


The Financial Management Reform is the new policy framework that had been adopted by the Fiji Government to improve performance and

Question 3:What Is Financial Management Information System (fmis)?


FMIS is financial management software that transforms financial data into information that is useful for decision- making. Government is in the process of acquiring a FMIS for the Whole of Government. This will replace the current General Ledger System.

Question 4:Why Do We Need A New Fmis?


There are some key problems associated with the current system. These include:

Slow processing of transactions;

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