Designing a fresher resume from scratch can be a daunting and tricky task. And, it becomes all the more crucial when drafting a financeresume. Mainly because you may not even find many resume samples for finance resumes.

The finance recruiters look for very specific technical skills, reporting skills and client-facing ability in finance students which must be well highlighted in the resume. We already know, a well-composed and thought-out resume can become an effective marketing tool for the candidate.

So, we must try to create a final finance resume that speaks for itself.

Clearly explain your qualifications

It’s crucial to let potential employers know that you are:

Qualified: either through practice or experience and what qualification you hold: ACCA, MPBA

Newly qualified: especially if you’ve come from a practice background and even more so if you come from one of the Big 4

Part qualified: include details about where in the exam process you currently are

Some employers look for more details on your exams such as first time passes and where you placed in the exams. If it’s impressive and relevant then make sure it’s clear – if you’ve had first time passes for all exams it’s definitely worth noting.www.iibmindia.in

Highlight technical systems

Most employers have an Accounting system in place, so ensure to highlight what technologies you’ve used and where. Employers like to see:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Hyperion


But smaller systems like Sage and strong Excel skills can be equally important, depending on the industry you’re targeting.

Include a short personal statement

Across the recruitment industry, this is a section that divides recruiters, some like to see one and some don’t. Personally, we think it can be used in a very positive way to highlight the sectors/industries you’ve worked in and the type of accountancy roles you have experience with. For example, If you only want a Financial Analyst role but your experience is pure accountancy based then use this section to clarify this.

Skills & Licensing

Finance positions tend to look for candidates that have advanced knowledge of MS Excel and other specialized tools used in the field. So instead of writing ‘advanced MS Excel skills’, you should add specifics like HLOOKUPS and VLOOKUPS.www.iibmindia.in

This can help a finance resume get noticed among a pile of a hundred other similar ones.

When it comes to listing out your licenses and certifications, be very elaborate. Do not rely on abbreviations alone because they aren’t always recognized by Applicant Tracing System.

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