Are you prepared for your upcoming interview? Get ready for your big day by taking a look at the questions that you’re likely to be asked. Preparing your responses beforehand reduces interview stress and increases your chances of being hired. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the four most common Executive Master Program interview questions. Knowing what to expect during the interview can help you to get ahead of your competition.

What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

When a prospective employer asks you about your strengths and weaknesses, you need to respond in a way that highlights your capabilities. While you should use this answer to showcase your skills, it’s important to be honest. Honesty during an interview helps to build trust with your prospective employer, which will increase your chances of being hired. It’s advisable to share strengths that will be valuable in an Executive Master Program role. Focus on your capabilities that are related to leadership, communication, and problem-solving. You’ll also need to back up the strengths that you’ve mentioned by giving examples of when you’ve displayed these capabilities. Think of one concise example for each of the strengths that you plan to mention. Include an experience where your problem-solving skills benefited the company as well as an experience where you demonstrated your capacity for leadership. When it comes to mentioning your weaknesses, you can explain how you’ve addressed any shortcomings by completing Executive Master Program. The aim of this question is to ensure that you are a good match for a senior level role.

What makes you think you are qualified for this job?


You can expect your prospective employer to ask you about your qualifications. This question allows them to gain insight into your suitability for an Executive Master Program role. Completing a one year Executive Master Program in India will help you to stand out from other interviewees when you’re responding to this line of inquiry. When you’re answering this question it’s advisable to include the key skills that you developed when you were completing your Executive Master Program. You can include how your leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities were enhanced during the Executive Master Program. Including the development of strategic analysis, capabilities are also beneficial.

Why are you interested in this school or program?


Show that you’ve done your research. List all of the reasons you feel the school or program is ideally suited for you, whether it’s their faculty, facilities, course offerings, class size, student activities, job placement record, networking opportunities or location. You want to convey that this school is one of, if not the top choice for you.www.iibmindia.in

Discuss a time when you were a leader.

It’s very likely that the interviewer will be interested in your leadership skills—this is common among Executive Master Program interview questions. Have several specific examples ready that illustrate different forms of leadership, from leading a team, to taking the ethical high ground, to making a positive impact.




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