The interview is indeed the last step, the last stretch and the toughest round to clear. This is because despite months of preparation, no one can predict the questions you’ll have to face in your personal interview.

We all know that the questions will be from personal life, qualification, job experience, extra curricular activities, hobbies and interests, strengths and weaknesses, goals and ambitions besides general awareness and subject knowledge.

We’ve hand picked a few questions you can definitely prepare for ahead of the interview.

Why Master Program?

If you are a fresher, your answer could be that an Master Program would be your ideal launch pad into the corporate world.

While an Master Program will impart necessary set of skills required for your career, it will also polish the intra personal skills you already have.

Not only will it give you insight into the corporate world, but it will also transform you from an average individual to a thorough professional.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short Term Goals (three to five years)

Your short term goal must include acquiring a certain set of skills, gaining knowledge about the corporate world and its functioning.

During this time, you must try and settle in a job that is suitable to your knowledge and skills.

Long Term Goal (five to ten years)

If you’re yet to make up your mind, a safe bet would be to say: I’d like to excel in my chosen field (can mention your preferred specialisation). You may even share about your dream business project if you have any.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


You should sound ambitious, hardworking, dedicated, eager to learn more, innovative, etc.

The point is, don’t just give words, explain them with examples.


You must justify all your weaknesses and support them with at least one statement.

For example, I’m a slow starter. I take time to plan things before doing.

I am overambitious. I have set high goals for my self.

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