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February 2017

Got Career Goals?Research Master Program Business Administration Program Options First

The Master Program in Business Administration has been started to produce the sound management professional equip with the basic and advanced knowledge to stand the business administration.Research Master Program Business Administration

Today, the world is growing in the fields of marketing, industrialisation, financing and education. The Master Program in Business Administration has especially been designed for the candidates who are executing the administration of the industries or related field.

The student can choose the Master Program in Business Administration, as per their choice and has many aspects of learning. The Master Program in Business Administration distance learning education is also conducted by IIBM Institute of Business Management in India.


You need to get to know yourself, both in your profession and out of it. Truly understand what it means to be an effective leader and what you bring to the table that others might not.. Take some time out of your work and personal life for reflection on your past and your future. There is no better way to prepare than to ensure you are mentally ready for the journey to success.


The scope of Master Program in Business Administration course is increasing day by day. Master Program in Business Administration is one of the big job oriented professional programme and the most one which has been sought by the students.

Once you have completed your Course, you have a great job opportunity in the industrial world. You may the manager or executive in term of designation.

The management term is most suited to the managers and that’s why it is the way, where you can reach the top of the height as soon as possible by using your leadership and working proficiency.

A professional always plays a vital role in his/her company and this is why he used to keep in touch with the board of directors.

No need to specify the companies who recruit the Master Program in Business Administration professionals. All sectors including government and public have various industries, companies, institutions or related organisations, come in the job prospective fields for a Master Program in Business Administration professional.


 “Handsome salary packages are offered to Master Program in Business Administration qualified candidates”.

Management sector is one of the highest paying sectors. The salary is no issue for the right candidates who have a good leadership, decision-making skill, enthusiasm and good academic background.

The initial package in India is around Rs. 2 to 3 lakh per annum but the maximum is unlimited. Also, the increment in this sector is quite good and depending on your capability, you can reach up to six figure income in a quick span of time.


Five Essential Elements Of A Perfect Master Program In Administration  Resume

What does the best resume look like? While this article may not prove to be the magic spell that helps you create the Perfect Master Program Business Administration Resume, it will definitely help you determine what to put on a resume, so that it definitely gets you that elusive interview call. A well-polished resume is a critical component of your B-school kit. It takes the time to build a good resume and starting early in the academic cycle helps as one can go through multiple reviews to get a resume- interview or career fair ready.

Here are the five essential elements, a perfect Master Program Business Administration  resume should have (this is by no means a comprehensive list, so please make sure to check the career centre resources for finer details on good resume writing)

  1. Easy to read

Make it easy for ad com to read your resume. This includes applying spacing between sections, allowing enough white space in your resume, using bullets, using bold/italics effectively and having″ margins. Allow the reader’s eyes to have a visual break.

  1. Highlight transferable or soft skills

While crafting that Perfect Master Program Business Administration Resume, it is imperative to focus on the transferable skills that are relevant to the function or industry you are interested in. If you are switching your career and industry, your soft skills will be the key to explaining your fit for the new role or function. For instance, candidates wanting to apply to the consulting industry will have to highlight analytical and problem-solving skills amongst others, whereas a candidate looking at a role in the marketing function will have to highlight interpersonal and communication skills in their previous experiences. While it is easy to assume that when the competition is tough, recruiters are going to hire the candidate with relevant experience – employers in this recessionary environment are looking for candidates with a broader skillset who can work across a number of areas. Thus, whether you are a career switcher or candidate looking to stay in the same industry, highlighting transferable skills would show a recruiter that you can complement the hard skills on your resume with a set of soft skills that would eventually make you stand out.

  1. Proofread your resume

Do ensure that you are thoroughly proofreading your resume so that your basics are in place. For instance, there are no spelling or grammatical errors, your resume template meets the college formatting, styling standards and checks. Spelling errors and grammatical errors are pet peeves of recruiters and a small error on your resume can hurt your chances in terms of taking the next step.

  1. list accomplishments, not responsibilities

Utilise action verbs on your resume to showcase how you drive results. Make sure that you also quantify your results, and if possible, make them relative to the entire organisation. (Example, “Captured $3M of sales, which is 40% of the total revenue for the division”)

  1. Show career progression

Clearly, show how you have upward mobility or are on the fast track with your career. Make sure you show a trend of increasing responsibilities, and showing dates will be really important in this area.

  1. Show leadership / extracurricular

Including a leadership, the section is important to showcase leadership attributes outside of your job. You should also make sure to list any awards or other extracurricular activities that are RELEVANT to your candidacy. Showing how long you have been participating in different opportunities will really highlight your dedication for these causes.



Workers in the logistics and supply chain management field make sure that goods and services get into the hands of consumers. The logistics industry is an important driver of economic growth and development.Logistics Career

All types of businesses, big and small, need logistics managers to help with inventory and accounts receivable. A small business may have one person in charge of these duties, while large corporations have entire logistics and supply chain departments.

Your Logistics Education

Many employers actually prefer a Master’s Certification in this field as well. Your classes in logistics and supply chain management will cover topics such as ethics, administration, finances, organisation, marketing, international business, statistics, and conflict resolution.

Programs often offer opportunities, which is a great way to get the first-hand experience in the field. You can find programs that just cover logistics and supply chain management, These are beneficial to students interested in working in this field. To prepare students for these duties, a logistics management or supply chain management program may offer courses such as

Applied Data Analysis

Supply Chain Analysis

Supply Chain Management Strategies

Global Procurement and Supply Management

Global Logistics Management

Domestic and International Transportation Management

Principles of Traffic Management

Technology and Product Innovation Management

Additionally, business law, accounting, economics, and statistics courses are common to supplement the more specified logistics material. A logistics manager will need to be familiar with various software programs, as that is the most common way to keep track of product movement. The majority of logisticians work in manufacturing or for the government, with other opportunities in scientific and technological fields, transportation, or aerospace.

Another avenue to consider is online education. Many schools now offer online logistics Master programs at all education levels. Distance education by IIBM Institute allows you to schedule your classes around work and other commitments. If you think you might be a good candidate for online learning, check out our list of accredited Master Programs. We link students to a variety of different programs in logistics management, supply chain management, and many others.

Career Fields Related to Logistics Management

While obtaining a Certification in logistics management can most qualify you for jobs working as a logistician. Logistics management majors are also not strictly limited to this career. We outline the various career options below.

Business Sustainability and Green Operations: Careers in business sustainability and green operations focus on running businesses and manufacturing in a way that minimalizes impact on the environment. Specialists strive for efficient solutions that leave little to no carbon footprints.

General Management: General management is a versatile field focusing on high-level leadership as well as connecting the moving parts of a major organisation together. The scope of positions within general management can vary greatly but are almost always focused on day-to-day operations and the management of several teams working together.

Operations Management: The field of operations management is aptly focused on production and business operations. Specialists analyse, control, and create systems and processes involved in the output of goods and services.

Project Management: Project managers oversee and control company resources in order to achieve common goals in an effective, time-efficient manner. These managers work with employees and teams to motivate and organise them to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship: While small business management and entrepreneurship can be more loosely related to logistics management than the other fields mentioned, both fields require common skills needed to run a business and oversee operations and staff.


6 Important Questions For An SEO Job Interview

With Digital Marketing booming, it is making tremendous job opportunities in its various branches, one of which is SEO. If you are reading this article, we are sure that you know what SEO is, which saves you from the boredom of SEO definition we would have given. So which questions do you think are usually asked in the interview? Depends on the interviewer, right? Let us make it easy for you.And, In this Article, you also know that which types of Questions asked in SEO JOB INTERVIEW.

we have gathered some questions which are generally asked by any interviewer if you are going for an SEO job interview. Take advantage of these questions to the fullest and get your SEO dream job. Forget not to give us the treat.

Seo Job Interview Questions

Question1 What Have You Got To Deserve An SEO Position?


SEO aka ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ does not concern any specific task, but actually is a congregation of the several exigent missions such as the SEO strategy, blogging, social media optimisation, link building, and others. Since, a single person can rarely accomplish all of the above mentioned, as an SEO candidate you must be able to answer the field where your actual proficiency lies. Fret not, this question is not meant to measure your experience, but your latent and ardour.

Question 2 What is Cross-linking and what are the function of Cross-linking?


  • Cross-linking is used to refer the process of linking one site to another site and provide a way to allow the accessing of it.
  • It provides the users with reference sites that consist the content related to the search.
  • It doesn’t need to be owned by the same person as it provides the methods that have been built on the Internet.
  • It serves the purpose to display the page on the search engines using search engine optimisation techniques and methods.
  • The site ranking is calculated on the basis of the relevance of the sites and then it is reflected on the search engine.
  • It uses SEO tools that provide reciprocal links and inbound links that can be used as our SEO.


Question 3 Which SEO Tools Do You, Favour?


An SEO without tools is like the restaurant without a chef. There is no way to perform the serious SEO automation work without the use of the right set of tools. You as a candidate must be able to answer the name of the tools without which it’s almost impossible for you to fulfil your blogging, keyword research or any other related tasks. Although there are ‘n’ numbers of tools ranging from the Google Analytics, Copyscape, Webmaster Tools, etc you can take the name of, however, you must back your answer with the sufficient substance like “what you love about them” or “what are their pitfalls’.

Question 4 How Do You Measure Your SEO Activity?


The measuring and tracking abilities of an SEO professional cutters if his/her SEO activity is positively moving towards your SEO goals or not. Therefore, whenever such a question pops up in an interview, it’s the time to shed light over your gym of the metrics and key performance indicators. You can confidently talk about the organic traffic, incoming links, keyword performance & rankings, referrals, social signals for landing pages, conversion rate, etc.

Question 5 What does it mean if nothing appears on doing a search on the domain?


On doing a search on your domain and if nothing appears then there are three possibilities.

Maybe the site is banned by search engines

Maybe no index by search engines

Some canonical issues


Question 6 What Is Your Opinion About The Black Hat And White Hat SEO?


First of all, you must be sentient that the once-upon-a-time white hat SEO tactics can now be considered as the black hat, and the black hat SEO, besides rendering you quick-fix solutions, can get your website penalised. Basically, the Black Hat SEO is optimisation of techniques, tactics, and strategies on a search engine irrespective of the laid-down guidelines, while the White Hat SEO is generally optimising the techniques, strategies and tactics to cater the human audience in uprightness with the search engine guidelines. Whenever such a question emerges in an interview, you as a bright candidate shall answer the basic meaning of the Black Hat and White Hat SEO, as well as the real-life success situations.


Career Options & Prospects After Master Program In Finance

Master Program in Finance is one of the most coveted specialisations in Finance; ample numbers of students are looking to make their career in the finance field. The reason behind this magnetism of finance is the career options offered by this specialisation. A Master Certification in Finance imparts knowledge in the subjects like Investment Management, Taxation and Tax Planning, Corporate Valuation, International Finance, Management Control System, Insurance Management, Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis and Management of Financial Services.

Career options & Prospects

Growth prospects and opportunities to climb up the ladder abound in the area of finance. You can look out for exciting careers in banks, financial consultancies and financial institutions. One can get involved in consumer and investment banking, institutional finance, merchant banking, corporate finance and international finance. Years of experience in this area can also lead you to serve on government committees and contribute significantly to policy-making issues. One can also end up providing consultancy services to corporate and government organisations.

Career Options & Prospects After Master Program In Finance: Jobs after Master program in Finance

  • Financial Managers or Financial Analysts
  • Accounting Managers
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Treasurers and Finance Officers
  • Cash Managers
  • Risk and Insurance Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Investment Sales Associates and Traders
  • Credit Managers and Specialists

Finance careers after Master program in Finance in Public Sector:

 Business Finance – entry-level positions in a credit or treasurer’s division where employees may analyse credit applications, support in the management of bill collections, manage cash & short-term investments, prepare budgets, and handle bank relations.

Financial Institutions – Join commercial banks may train in various departments for 6-12 months until they begin positions in lending, branch supervision, operations, internal auditing, trusts, and investments.

Investments – Security analysis and investment portfolio management. Experience is usually necessary.

Insurance and Risk Management – entry level positions in areas of management training, claims adjustment, underwriting, credit management, and sales. Careers extend into employee benefits, managing exposure to financial risk, reinsurance.

Finance Careers after Master program in Finance in Private Sector:

Obviously beyond the public sector, the finance careers in the private sector are more lucrative as the private sector, obviously is more dynamic and offers a lot larger salaries to the students of finance. Because this sector grows faster than the public sector, the chances of exciting opportunities are more. Some of the posts that are available for students at the entry level are:

Credit Risk Management Analyst

Financial Research Analyst

Financial/Securities/Investments Analyst

Personal Financial Adviser

Portfolio Manager

As the students are taught about the finer aspects of economics, banking, accounting and market structure etc in their Master program, they will provide to be valuable for firms, especially firms of the banking sector. Finance specialisation in Master Program is a good choice for someone who’s looking for lucrative careers after Master Program in Business Administration.


The banking and financial services management Master Program in Banking & Financial Services Management by IIBM Institute is for those interested in being trained in how to work in a variety of business areas providing financial and banking services. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create workable interfaces between businesses and financial institutions. This program will prepare you to work in the business world with companies and industries to find ways to manage banking and financial transactions.

The banking and finance industries include a wide variety of careers, including positions in asset management, loan processing and financial planning. The Financial sector in India is under growing a paradigm shift.  Also, the impact of economic liberalisation has forced financial and banking sector to carry out extensive reforms to remain competitive. The financial meltdown has impacted the profitability of banks & other financial institutions forcing them to adopt prudential, financial measures. The security concerns are also required to be addressed progressively.

Master Program in ( Banking & Finance ) is comprehensive & holistic in nature and is designed in such a way that it is able to fulfil the demand of the industry. In this programme, the focus is on preparing managers who will have extensive knowledge of the financial and banking sector & possess adequate technical and behavioural skills in the core functions of the above field. All this is achieved through a well-crafted set of curricula and extra-curricular activities, delivered by a mix of experts from academia and industry.


Groom students to understand intricacies of ever growing competition and infusion of technology in the banking and financial sector.

Create an ability to analyse, evaluate, strategies and implement the same  Banking and Finance sector.

Provide exposure to the handling of the transaction using technology.

Provide learning through consultation, exploration and research related to Operations, Products, Instruments, Processes, etc. in Banking and Finance.

Develop interpersonal and multicultural teamwork competency


Investment Banker

Investment bankers are financial professionals that assist various organisations, like governments and corporations, with the raising of funds by issuing stocks and bonds. Employment for investment bankers can be found with brokerage firms, investment banks and other financial services companies.

Loan Officer

Loan officers are employed in the banking industry and are responsible for screening and approving applications to borrow funds for mortgages, car notes and other loans. Jobs for loan officers can be found at banks and certain financial services firms.

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant, or financial advisor, is knowledgeable about a range of financial services, such as asset management and retirement planning. Most financial consultants often specialise in specific areas of financial services, like managing personal assets.

Banking Salaries

Both loan officers and tellers work full time, although some banks have part-time teller positions. The average annual income for a full-time teller is just under $25,000. Loan officers average over twice that amount each year, with the median wage at around $59,800. The compensation is calculated differently for the two jobs, however. While tellers are hourly wage earners, loan officers are often on commission or paid a fixed salary, and sometimes they’re paid commission on top of a base salary.


Top Paying Master Certifications Course in 2017

While choosing a management Certification, it goes without saying that extensive research into individual programmes is essential. You will need to look into the content, the delivery and areas of focus carefully, to discern the right programme.

Designed to be more than just a Degree; to be a real life simulated experience, IIBM Institute Online Master Program in Business Administration has been specifically developed to nurture working professionals with the flexibility to study when it fits into their schedule.

One of IIBM Institute globally accredited online Master Certification programmes, it provides high-quality academic education covering key functional aspects of business and their interconnection. The course covers the main business theories combined with practical implementation to develop knowledge and skills in real-time management and business decision-making.

The programme benefits learners hone their skills, improve competency and build expertise in their respective specialisations. It is geared to equip them with flexible patterns of thinking and behaviour to lead with confidence in global multicultural business environments

Getting a Master Program in Business Administration is a feather in the cap to any would-be business tycoon, There is a wide range in the earning potential of different Master Program in Business Administration focuses. PayScale’s College Salary Report ranks different Master Certification focuses on helping you predict your future salary based on what kind of Master Program in Business Administration you earn.

Studying strategy is a good strategic move when it comes to planning for a high-paying career, but if you want to be the next Zuckerberg, a Master Program in Business Administration in entrepreneurship results in a median mid-career salary of over $100,000.

If you have a strong tech inclination, consider a Master Program in Business Administration with an emphasis in computer science. This combination has led its alumni to a very high early career salary on our list.

Common jobs and salaries for Master Certification who specialise in marketing include:

  • Marketing director: $133,000
  • Business development manager: $105,000
  • Marketing manager: $102,000

Common jobs and salaries for Master Certification who focus on information systems include:

  • IT director: $120,000
  • IT project manager: $103,000
  • IT manager: $99,800

Typical jobs and pay for Master Certification with a technology management concentration include:

  • Vice president of IT: $165,000
  • IT director: $114,000

IT project manager: $97,600


5 Online Marketing Job Strategies That Are Never Dying

To be successful as an online marketer, one needs to be familiar with the current online environment. This includes knowing and understanding trends, being able to respond to those trends, and being able to identify future trends in the earliest stages of development. The best candidates for online Master Certification in marketing jobs excel in this area.

You can have a great product but if communication fails, it’s like watching a stand-up comedian do a gig in a completely different language. Jobs gave us some of the best speeches in corporate history. He preached against PowerPoint presentations, saying you only have to use them when it’s really necessary. Mastering the topic, the message, and knowing how to present it without visual aids, speaks much more than a cute drawing created with some elegant colour scheme. For large groups, PowerPoint is excellent but Jobs hated when people brought in presentations into meetings because he saw it as a sign that they didn’t completely dominate the topic they were presenting.

If you are looking for online marketing jobs, consider your skills. Do you have knowledge and experience in current online marketing job strategies that are never dying? If so, you will readily recognise the following:

Creating Evergreen Content – Evergreen content is content that is not made irrelevant by the fact that it is dated. It is content that can offer readers value for many months or years at a time. The best candidates for online marketing job strategies not only understand evergreen content, they know how to create it and put it to good use.

Deploying White Hat SEO Strategies – There is little argument that SEO drives online traffic. A website that does not consistently appear on the first two pages of search results for a given keyword or phrase is a site that will get very little traffic. Therefore, online marketers need to know how to generate traffic through the use of white hat SEO strategies.

Engaging with Social Media – Social media has been a tremendous marketing platform since its introduction. It is likely to stay that way for decades. The most successful marketers know how to link customer websites to social media platforms in a way that produces real, verifiable results.

Incorporating Video – Information presented visually is much more powerful than written text alone. This is why sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have such a notable influence in the modern era. Incorporating video is definitely a marketing strategy that will not die out anytime soon.

Maintaining Relevance – Online marketers willing to make a point of ensuring their websites maintain relevance are the same markers that consistently do well over long periods of time. By definition, relevance makes a site something valuable to its visitors. Ignoring relevance will subject a website to being completely ignored.

There are plenty of online marketing jobs to be had. The key to landing one is having the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the most productive marketing strategies that now drive the internet.


MPBA Accounting job opportunities

Accounting services is a broad term which includes a wide gamut of services like audit, management consulting, financial management, and taxation. Every year thousands of accounting graduates enter the job market in search of suitable opportunities. Though there is no dearth of good jobs in the accounting sector, there is stiff competition among qualified candidates seeking opportunities to work in reputed accounting organisations.

MPBA Accounting job opportunities: Accountancy Jobs For Professionals

Management Consultants

Management consultants are accounting professionals who are in charge of maximising growth and creating value for the company. Their main area of focus is managing and ensuring the smooth operation of the business functions. They identify issues that are hampering the growth of the business and offer their recommendations. (MPBA Accounting job opportunities)

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst works in tandem with the fund manager & offers advice regarding investment portfolios. He keeps himself abreast of the latest development in the investment market and the new products & other relevant aspects. They also aid in financial modelling and help in analysing relevant financial information.

These are some accountancy job profiles that are quite popular with accountancy professionals; other profiles include Tax adviser, Tax inspector, Corporate treasurer, Financial manager & so on. (MPBA Accounting job opportunities)

Financial Managers or Financial Analysts

Financial analysts and managers use historical (accounting) data in their decision making, however, the number one role of the financial manager is to oversee the production of financial analysis and reports to help the company with decision making, business development, strategic planning, and alliance management. Through the use of these reports, the financial analyst helps to shape the company’s investment and business growth. Cash management strategies developed and implemented by the financial analyst help the company to grow efficiently and allow for maximum profitability in its investments.

Financial analysts and managers play an important part in mergers and global financing and expansion. Highly specialised knowledge in these areas is an important asset to the financial manager and his or her employer to maximise potential profit and reduce risk. Many companies utilise globally active consulting firms exclusively for these purposes.

Accounting Managers

Accounting managers working in a corporate setting perform responsibilities relating to tax reporting and management and creating income statements inside of controller and audit groups. This career path may bring one to the positions of corporate treasurer, corporate controller, or CFO (chief finance officer). Professional accountants working for a public accounting company will perform functions similar to those performed by an independent auditor tax consultants. An educational history or background based in accounting, as a Masters Program in Business Administration in finance by IIBM Institute.

A controller is someone who is in charge of preparing a company’s financial reports to forecast and sum-up the company’s financial situation. The statements a controller would get together consist of balance sheets, income statements, earnings analyses, and expense analyses. Regulatory agencies may also require special reports from companies. Controllers prepare these reports. In addition, a controller will frequently be over the budget, auditing, and accounting departments of a company.


Freshers Mistakes While Searching Jobs

As a fresher people commit a lot of mistakes while searching for a job as they are new to this field and not aware of the things what should they do to get the appropriate job. It’s completely different from the school/college /university life and the rules over here are pretty much complicated certainly many of you will be committing mistake. Let’s check out the main freshers mistakes and after reading it you will correct it so that it will not be repeated again. Here are the few freshers mistakes:-


Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

We all have our aspirations really high from our first job. We believe that we are very skilled, have scored good marks; have graduated from a reputed college, so we deserve the best. But the fact is: industry treats all freshers more or less just the same. They judge you on several parameters, your marks and college are a part of which. Rather than expecting too much at the beginning, look for a job that has a scope of growth.

Limiting Yourself To Online Posts Only

Firstly, this is the time when you need to play your jack. Use your networks to help you find a good job. Secondly don’t just rely on the website placements, go out and give walk in interview, contact companies and investigate regarding vacancies. Don’t just sit idle, work for it.

Living In A Hoax That Your Qualifications Are Self- Explanatory

In the working world you need to prove your worth through your work. Your resume sheets are filled with attractive words but that doesn’t set you apart from other candidates. Remember, your laurels must be reflected in your work too.

Keeping A Narrow Choice Preference

If you are in a hurry to find a job, you must expand your horizons a bit because limiting yourself to a small area would not solve the purpose. And with a wider approach you may accidentally explore a very good option for yourself.

Poor Preparation

Don’t just give an interview for the sake of it. Prepare yourself for the type of interview you are going to attend. Since every company has their pattern of interview. Thus , stay updated and gear up.

Not Keep a resume ready to send

Always have resume ready to share with your networks while searching a job. It must be updated on a regular basis. So that it contains your latest achievements. The basic aim is to have a standardized resume ready to save time each time you apply for a job. However, there is always scope for a few minor changes.

Making Careless Mistakes

A grammatical error or mistake in typos is something that is just not allowed. Be very careful with the content, if required take help from someone. Your resume, apart from mentioning your achievements, also reflects your grammar and over all writing ability. Be presentable because this is the written reflection of you.

Dressing up unprofessionally

When you go for an interview, do not just walk in casual clothes. No matter what job profile you are interviewing for, the fixed uniform for interviews is formals. And this must be followed blindly, since your dress code is one main aspects of interviewing.

There will be several freshers mistakes apart from the ones mentioned above that you might make. But the only advice here is to stay alert and updated. So that you can make most of the every opportunity provided to you.