Certified Green Belt are employees of an organisation who have been trained on the Six Sigma improvement methodology and will lead a process improvement team as part of their full-time job. While Green Belts do not need to know as much as Black Belts or Master Black Belts, there are many things a Certified Green Belt should know. This list will help.

  • What other “pearls of wisdom” should be shared with potential Six Sigma Green Belts?
  • What requirements are there of certified Green Belt at your organisation that you think should be ubiquitous within the larger Six Sigma community?
  1. Green Belts lead Six Sigma improvement projects part time. Usually 25 percent to 50 percent of their time is spent on Six Sigma projects.
  1. Six Sigma will become a “way of doing business” for Green Belts.
  1. Becoming a Green Belt is an opportunity to gain valuable tools and experience.
  1. Green Belts who display prowess of Six Sigma methods and produce significant benefits are usually promoted within organizations.
  1. Green Belts receive less instruction on Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques than Black Belts. They usually receive between three and 10 days, whereas Black Belts receive upwards of 20 days.
  1. Six Sigma Green Belts are selected by the organization’s management team.
  1. Some organizations require all exempt employees to be “certified” Green Belts before promotion. Many require employees to at least undergo training.
  1. Green Belts can be trained in classroom sessions, completely online, or a combination of the two (hybrid).
  1. Green Belt performance is usually evaluated in the employee’s regular performance appraisal, although some companies may provide additional incentives for completing a project or becoming certified.
  1. Certification as a Green Belt from one company most likely will not be recognized at another company. But certificate from any institute ( third Party) is highly valuable.
  1. Green Belts are usually instructed on the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and a limited tool set, including basic statistics. More advanced statistics usually require support from a Black Belt coach.
  1. Green Belts are selected because they are business professionals, not Quality gurus or statistical geniuses.

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